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New Fitness DVD Release: BODY GOSPEL

“The inspirational Body Gospel workouts, set to chart-topping gospel music, combine the power of your faith with your desire to lose weight and get fit.” Body Gospel has hit the market today.  It’s the newest DVD release from Beachbody (also known for series such as P90X, Insanity, Slim in 6, Brazil Butt Lift, Turbo Jam,... Read more »

What Is YOUR Favorite Way To Workout At Home?

Want to win a free meal at Noodles & Company!?After my article about “Eating Out Right,” I was approached by Noodles & Company with some freebies to give away to my readers… that’s YOU!  Let’s first give a big THANK YOU to Noodles & Company for providing these Bowl Cards! Now… how do YOU win... Read more »

Workout At Home To Prevent Diabetes

There is a relatively new program on the market that has been specifically designed for the prevention of type two diabetes in your own home… Kathy Smith’s Project You Type 2!  This program has even been endorsed by the ADA (it was the first of Beachbody’s programs to receive this endorsement, but the ADA now... Read more »

Fitness at Home Product Review: BODYBUGG

Chalene Johnson, creator of Turbo Kick, PiYo, Hip Hop Hustle, Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire. Check out her bodybugg review at her blog I’m sure that some of you have heard of this product already, especially if you are a fan of “The Biggest Loser.”  What IS a bodybugg and what does it do? Now... Read more »

Fitness At Home's Guide to Eating Out Right!

Let’s be realistic.  Not all of our meals can be had at home.  In fact, the majority of Americans eat on the go today… so, it’s no wonder our belt buckles are expanding.  Have you SEEN the nutrition facts of some of your favorite meals?  It’s really astounding how many calories and how much fat... Read more »

Belly Dance for Fitness!

Shimmy yourself thin with Belly Dancing books, videos and live classes! There are many ways out there to get fit and have a blast while doing so (not to mention learning new skills in the process).  One of my favorites is Belly Dancing.  I actually got into Belly Dancing a while back, myself, and took... Read more »

The Benefits Of Stretching

Are you one of those people who always skips stretching… or maybe you don’t stretch enough?  If you want to age gracefully and lower your risk of injury, stretching is essential!  Hear it here from the 50 year old creator of P90X… he’s in the shape he’s in today because he’s kept his body young... Read more »