The Shakeology Cleanse Follow-Up

Alright, so I’m here after completing two days of the Shakeology Cleanse.  I’m down 4.9 pounds in two days and I notice that my stomach looks significantly less bloated.  Normally, this cleanse is supposed to last for three days, but due to my schedule today I’m not able to do the cleanse as designed, so I’m not going to count it (I should’ve started on Sunday, doh!).  I’m still doing my Shakeology today and eating my fruits and veggies… but being on the go a little more means I want to put some more calories in my body (especially considering I almost passed out teaching Turbo Kick last night).  As I said in my intro post, cleanses are not for everyone, nor would I even recommend them to anybody… they are simply a choice YOU must decide for yourself (because only you truly know your body and how you will react).  I’ve put together a list of PROS and CONS based on my own experience.

1.) It proved to me that I still do have WILLPOWER even under extreme eating circumstances.  If I can do THAT, then I can surely eat sensibly on a regular basis.
2.) I lost 4.9 pounds of bodily “goo” (extra water weight, etc.) in two days.
3.) I can see more muscle definition because of the loss of the goo.
4.) I never really got terribly hungry.
5.) My body just felt clean, and it functioned well… no “sticky” feeling on my insides (like I sometimes get if I eat too many sugars and greasy things).

1.) I did have a mild headache on the first day.
2.) My energy was low.  I had to teach Turbo Kick last night and it was the hardest workout I think I’ve ever had simply because I hadn’t had enough calories to support such energy expenditure.   If you do a cleanse, I recommend NOT working out hard, if at all, while doing it… the calories simply do not support that much energy output.
3.) Despite not really getting very hungry, I really did miss chewing more food.  The shakes are satisfying to the tummy and body, but my mouth craved more… haha.

So, all in all it was a rather good experience for me.  Will I do it again!?  I think so… perhaps before a trip where I may be wearing a bikini and just want to get my tummy bloating to go away a bit.  It could also work for someone as a diet “jump-start” just to help teach you some control over your eating choices as well as help you clear out some of the cravings that you may regularly struggle with.  Just remember, it’s a temporary cleanse… no more than 3-days.  Do NOT starve yourself, as that will end up being counter productive. 

Take care… and if you have concerns then definitely TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR before starting anything like this to hear if they have any concerns based on any medical conditions you may have.

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