Operation: Eat What's In Your House

So, I’m trying to eat what I’ve already got around the house.  It seems like whenever people, including myself, strive to eat healthy we will buy lots of healthy groceries but then we’ll go out to eat… and the food we bought, if perishable, will go bad.

Are you one of those people?

Of course, this plan could backfire if you keep a lot of junk food in the house.

So, here’s what I suggest.  If you want to eat better, then throw out the junk and buy yourself healthy foods to keep around your house (need suggestions?  I’m happy to help!  In fact, check out my Kitchen Makeover blog!).  Then, set a goal for yourself… only let yourself go out to eat “x” number of times per week.  You know what?  You’ll likely save money this way too.  We spent A LOT of money eating out, and we could be preparing similar meals at home.  That’s one thing I LOVE to do.  I love to take menu items that I love at certain restaurants and then create them at home.  By doing that I also control what goes into the food, what I cook the food in, and all in all, I am in control of how healthy I am eating.

Take control.  There are TONS of free websites out there to provide you with quick and easy recipes.  I often will use www.allrecipes.com and even www.wholeliving.com to find some good ones!  Let’s bring back the eating at home revolution! 🙂 

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