Fitness at Home LIVE class review: FLY YOGA

Fly Yoga Review

Sometimes, even if you workout at home, for the most part, you may still want to get out there from time to time and give a live class a try… and what not!?  There are some very fun and creative classes out there.  We are lucky to live in Chicago and have many of the hottest fitness classes at our fingertips! 


This morning I had the pleasure of trying out Fly Yoga (*note* If you search “fly yoga” on YouTube you will likely come up with a lot of videos for AcroYoga, which is a whole other story… but also available in the Chicago area) for the first time.  Previously, I had heard of AntiGravity Yoga at Crunch Fitness… but now that we no longer have a Crunch Fitness in Chicago, my idea of trying that class was lost to the wind.  You can imagine my pleasure when I discovered Fly Yoga at I.D. Gym in Lincoln Park!  Fly Yoga and Antigravity Yoga are not exactly the same class, as Fly Yoga instructor, Brent Holten, explained to me.  Fly Yoga was created to use the hammocks to assist students in more traditionally based yoga poses… but don’t let the photos of people relaxing in those hammocks fool you.  Fly Yoga is no joke and you will leave there feeling like a million bucks!

Keep reading for my full review…  I first fell in love with yoga about four years ago.  I will admit that I was one of those people who used to hate yoga.  I was incredibly inflexible.  I had a tight everything!  The thought and idea of touching my toes seemed like a dream I’d never achieve.  However, after years of practice I’ve been able to increase my flexibility and range of motion in my joints in ways that I’d never imagined and I’m always looking for new challenges now.

I had my first experience with a fabric hammock when I took some Beginning Aerial Arts classes at The Actors Gymnasium in Evanston.  Despite the fact that I was not very good at it, and sometimes I got so nervous that I couldn’t even climb the silk, I LOVED it!  It challenged my strength, flexibility and fear of heights.  I may never run off with Cirque du Soleil ever in my life, but I still am grateful for my experience there and have truly fallen in love with using the silks fabrics.

Fly Yoga combines these two loves of mine into one glorious class!  DELIGHT!
So, what IS Fly Yoga?  According to the I.D. Gym website:

Your yoga practice can take flight with Fly
Yoga, a unique yoga
experience using specialized


hammocks that enable your spirit to reach new limits.

you’re a beginner or a seasoned
yogi, Fly Yoga allows you to go deeper into poses, relieve spinal
compression and work on
inversions that would otherwise be
impossible,” says Brent Holten. “You’ll also incorporate elements of
dance and strength training for a
fun, fantastic workout.”

I can tell you that the description is right on!  Sure, there were those moments of lounging in the hammocks and enjoying the relaxing bliss of being suspended in the air, but it wasn’t all relaxation… we worked!  My entire body felt great by the time class was over.  My arms got a great workout, my core, my legs… the whole body got covered!  I was quite sweaty by the time we were done (of course, don’t base your own sweat level on me, as I seem to sweat if you just look at me the wrong way.  In other words, I sweat easily).  I love that progressions are offered, because it gives you things to work towards with each class.  I bet that you’ll be surprised how quickly you can improve your strength and flexibility with regular attendance.  However, Brent said that they change up the workout in each class… so, you’ll keep the body guessing and there will be no boredom (not that I think this class could be boring, anyways)! 

Fly Yoga will work for people of ALL LEVELS and ALL AGES, as Brent offers various modifications to make the poses easier and/or more advanced.  Just stick with whichever version of the pose you are comfortable with.  The one thing to remember about a lot of group fitness classes is that it’s not a competition, so you need to listen to your body and do what’s right for you.  There were some poses I opted for the advanced option, but others where I had to stay with the beginner or intermediate options.

You’d think, being a yoga instructor myself,
that I’d have gone all advanced.  Nope.  Using the hammocks adds a new
element to yoga.  It compliments every stretch well and allows you to
get into some poses in ways you’d never been able to before (hello handstand!).  I love how the class incorporates the hammock into classic yoga poses, allowing you to feel them in a whole new manner!  It also acts as an assistant to poses that you may have struggled with in the past.
  Whether you are new to yoga or someone who’s been doing it for a long time, I suggest checking it out!  I.D. Gym offers memberships, but also has class passes available!

In the end, I had a very enjoyable class and I am really looking forward to attending the class again.

Do you want to try FLY YOGA?  Check out I.D. Gym’s website.  Also, space is limited, so be sure to reserve your hammock by using the website, as well.

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