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Kitchen Makeover Time

Let’s Give Your Kitchen a Healthy Kitchen Makeover! What are some items you should have, shouldn’t have, and what are some tips/tricks you can do to help YOU have a healthier kitchen at home? One of the easiest ways to start eating better at home is to give your kitchen a makeover.  If you have... Read more »

Attitude is Altitude

I viewed this video today and it really moved me… I simply must share it with you! This video just goes to show that it’s your ATTITUDE that will really count towards your success. We all have bad things happen to us in life, but are you going to hold onto those things and let... Read more »

30 Day Fitness Challenge - Starting April 1st

A GREAT way to get ready for summer is to get involved in a fitness challenge.  When you are involved in a challenge you get the benefit of having others doing this with you, and you get to recognize and write down your goals and take actions towards achieving them! Do YOU want to get... Read more »

Workout shopping! Which one is right for you?

As a fitness coach, I often get asked to help people pick out workout programs for themselves.  Now, I understand people needing guidance, but I’m amazed at how many people want me to just tell them EXACTLY what to do, down to a tee, without even telling me what they like or don’t like.  The... Read more »

The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Are you one of those people who constantly presses the snooze button only to jump out of bed at the last minute and run out of the house without having eaten breakfast?  Or, maybe you are one of those people who simply says, “I’m not hungry in the morning,” or “I don’t like eating breakfast.” ... Read more »

About Me

About Me, TurboMelanieB! Why did I decide to start the Fitness At Home blog? I was not a gym rat… in fact, I got a doctor’s note in middle school in order to get out of gym class all together. After my humiliation in elementary school (not even able to climb one foot up that... Read more »