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About Me, TurboMelanieB!

Why did I decide to start the Fitness At Home blog?

I was not a gym rat… in fact, I got a doctor’s note in middle school in order to get out of gym class all together.

After my humiliation in elementary school (not even able to climb one foot up that danged rope!), I figured it would be best for me to bow out of further embarrassment towards showcasing my physical abilities (or lack thereof) all together.

This continued into high school, where I remained in the marching band for all four years so that I could get out of the physical education requirements.So, I am not one of those people who has always enjoyed exercise and sports, nor have I always been in stellar physical shape (quite the opposite, actually).

When I was a child I was lucky if I could run to the end of the block, let alone run around a track or play a sport.  I developed asthma and scoliosis at a young age and found myself frequenting the doctor’s office and hospital for regular check-ups and tests.

The doctors even prescribed exercises for me to do as part of my treatment plan… but did I do them?  No, I didn’t.  I didn’t know then what I know now.  All I knew back then was that it was hard and I didn’t want to do it.

“So, why are you writing a blog about fitness, then, TurboMel?”

Thank you, I’m glad you asked that!  It all started back in 2004.  I had graduated college with a degree in musical theatre (RosieU!).  As I got out into the world of acting I realized that I wasn’t of an ideal body type. 

I wasn’t thin and pretty, nor was I obese enough to play other roles… I was an “inbetweener” (as I like to coin the term).  I decided that I either needed to lose weight or gain it.  I opted to lose weight, as I figured that would be much more healthy for my body. 

However, I didn’t have a clue as to HOW!  I had been a gym member and I’d go periodically and pretend I knew how to develop a fitness plan to follow, but I didn’t.  Nor did I understand anything about how strength training and cardio should be combined for maximum benefits. 

Of course, all of that was in vain, anyways, because I kept frequenting the drive-thrus and buffets.  I tried diet pills (I just got the jitters), fad-diets (those lasted maybe a day or two for me), low-fat food options (gack!), as well as mint drops for my water that were supposed to control my appetite (let’s just say that somebody made a lot of money off of junk, there… but desperate people like me were trying it.  No, it didn’t work).

Life changed, for me, during a night of insomnia when I saw an infomercial for an exercise program called Power 90 (not P90X… that didn’t even exist yet to me… but it does now, and I’ll save that for a later blog entry and review!). 

Something inspired me in that infomercial (well, not “something” but someone… many people, in fact), so I decided to order it.  Well, wasn’t I surprised when it came!?  It turns out that this program was good, old fashioned, hard work.  Oh no, there was that hard work again! 

However, I was fed up with how I felt and looked and decided to commit to it.  Ashamed, and in a less than flattering bikini, I had my mom take my “before” pictures for this program and I made a commitment to myself.  I had hit my own rock bottom. 

That day was the day that changed my life forever.  I won’t get into the transformation story here, but if you’d like to read my full transformation using Beachbody products (home fitness, anyone?) then I encourage you to check out my profile at http://www.teambeachbody.com/melanieb2.

In a nutshell, I’ll tell you this much.  I quite drinking pop, cold turkey.  I stopped eating fast food.  I started eating healthy foods (thanks to the info provided to me from Beachbody). 

I got up early every morning to do my workouts, no matter how hard they were at the beginning.  After 90 days (the set duration for the program) I had lost 35 pounds.  My energy had skyrocketed, as had my self confidence.
Of course, as we all know, this has to be a lifetime lifestyle commitment.  So, I didn’t just do 90 days and stop… I kept going.  I’ve since purchased and done just about every program that Beachbody has created, as well as tried many fitness DVDs that you can get at retail stores.  I’ll be providing my reviews of various programs, DVDs, and books throughout this journal.


Getting healthy and fit sparked something in me!  I LOVE who I am now.  I LOVE who I’ve become, and I want to help others find that within themselves!  I have since certified to be a group fitness instructor (through AFAA), and I have specialty certifications in Turbo Kick (hence, the “turbomelanieb” nickname) and PiYo

I have also regularly taught bellydance fitness, interval training, and group strength classes (if you want to know where I currently teach, shoot me an email to melanieb@exercisejunky.com). 

I have over three years of experience under my belt now (but this is an ever-evolving field, which is why I’m so happy to have this blog… I can educate myself and others at the same time!). 

That being said, my original love is still HOME FITNESS, and that’s why I wanted to create this blog.  You see lots of blogs out there which focus on gym exercises and which contain information that will go right over your head unless you already have a little fitness knowledge. 

My goal with this blog is to provide help and information to everyone… no matter what their current level of fitness may be.

This journal relates to anything and everything fitness/nutrition wise that you can do at home to aid in your success.  Even if you are a gym rat, this blog can have great stuff for you!  As we all know, you can’t leave your fitness and nutrition at the gym if you want to have success… it’s something that you bring home with you and carry with you for your life!

“Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.” ~Evan Essar~

If you have something you’d like me to blog about, a question that’s been itching on your brain, an article you’d like clarification on, a fitness rumor you’d like researched… anything… shoot me an email at melanieb@exercisejunky.com and let me know!

I am an AFAA certified group fitness trainer with over 3 years of experience.  It should be noted that I am NOT a licensed nutritionist nor a certified personal trainer (though I am studying).  This blog is based on my opinion and reviews on products I’ve tried and articles I’ve read (facts will all be sourced and credited in my blog posts), as well as my own personal experience and growth on the subject matter.  Do not take any advice in this blog over what you’ve been advised to do by a medical professional.  Always consult your physical before starting any new fitness program or supplemental nutrition program

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