The Ratings

The following criteria is used to assess player ratings :

10 - Perfection.  The player dominated every aspect of the match.  A performance to be remembered for years to come. 

9 - Clearly a cut above everyone else on the pitch.  The opposition had no answer and he was unquestionably the deciding factor in the outcome.  Think Leo Messi on most weekends.

8 - Man of the match.  Without this effort the outcome wold certainly have been different.  A spectacular "player of the week" worthy performance.

7 - A solid, Best XI quality effort but not necessarily spectacular.  This player was actively and productively involved in the action throughout the entire match and could easily have reached the next grade with another good touch or two.

6 - A solid performance.  A player receiving this rating helped his side get a result and players directly in opposition produced little.  Played well and within the team concept.

5 - A fair performance with some mixed results.  Did some good things but not so hot at other times.  Did not negatively impact the eventual result.

4 - Committed errors and was directly involved in negative plays on the pitch resulting in goals allowed and/or the need for substitution.  Provided little in terms of positive play.

3 - A terrible effort directly leading to a negative result for the team.  Constantly defeated by players in direct opposition. 

2 - A woeful effort calling for immediate substitution and raising doubt for additional playing time at any point in the near future. 

1 - Time to think about another line of work.  If there are trialists at your position the following week start packing your bags.