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Here are a couple of stories that are currently making the rounds… First, we have an update on the World Cup ticketing situation courtesy of the folks over at Soccer365.  I went through this very process back in 2006 (I failed to get tickets) and it’s a little bit tricky.  In order to be considered for tickets, you first... Read more »

Expansion Draft Update; Top 10 Fire Goals

Hey everyone, have a little Saturday morning update for you courtesy of scaryice — who tipped me off to these stories via email. Here we go… **Nyarko Graduating Generation Adidas?** According to [this post on Climbing the Ladder, Patrick Nyarko could be graduating from the Generation Adidas program](http://usasoccer.blogspot.com/2009/09/graduating-from-generation-adidas.html). The significance of this is that the... Read more »