Crew trounce Fire 3-0

The Fire were handled easily by the Columbus Crew, in what could have been the last visit to MAPFRE stadium. Without Bastian Schweinsteiger, who did not travel for the match, the Fire started Diego Campos and Elliot Collier and weren’t able to get much going although they were competitive in the first half.

A first half Gonzalo Higuain penalty kick and two Gyassi Zardes second half goals provided the scoring in a relatively easy win for Columbus at home.

Fire line up

Sanchez; Ellis (Corrales 58′) , Kappelhof, Campbell, Vincent; McCarty (Tchani 56′), Adams (Bronico 54′), Campos, Collier, Katai; Nikolic

Subs not used: McLain, Gordon, Lillard, Johnson

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  • Well, considering they chose to rest Schweinsteiger (at least I hope that's the correct story), chose not to start Lillard, and lost McCarty to injury at the half, this wasn't too bad. They actually played pretty well through the first half to not allow a goal from the run of play. Considering the number of youngsters playing for the Fire, I have to value the experience for these young guys.

    On the downside, this game displays clearly just how shorthanded the Fire remain. When playing for the third time in 8 days and needing to rest certain key personnel, there just isn't the talent available and ready to step in and hold the fort. But we have to be pleased that the young talent may be there to eventually provide the answer to most of those problems with more experience and maturity.

    I expected this wasn't going to be a good result. But it could have been worse and wasn't so terribly far from being less bad. A character builder.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    I have no problem at all with playing the young guys and getting them experience when you are rebuilding. If that's the case, why resign Basti? Why go and sign Gordon when we have Collier? Why get Tchani when we drafted Mo? Are we rebuilding or building off of last season? This team is all sorts of messed up right now. We have absolutely no identity. Are we a possession based team or are we something else? Have we started the same lineup two games in a row yet? When we were playing well last season, we/I knew the lineup before they posted the team sheet. This year, I have literally no idea who will be playing, let alone the formation they will be playing in. There is no way that is good for the team and the players. It's cool to be flexible and change tactics when the game warrants it. It's not cool to play 3 different lineups and formations in 1 week. This team will not make the playoffs this year if nothing changes.

    And how does Daniel Johnson not get on the field after those 10 minutes on Wednesday? I can't wait until the day Pauno is gone. He is a clueless manager, IMO.

  • Well , there are a few good teams in the league who change lineups a lot, but they don't put a centerback (Campbell) up top for 20 min in a close match. How can you not play Johnson against the Crew, but instead you play a 3rd string right back? What?

  • In reply to FutbolJunky:

    That can only be explained as player development. Perhaps Pauno saw this game as unwinnable and decided to make the best of it by getting a lot of lightly used players some game time. I know that doesn't explain not playing Daniel Johnson. But there could be sound reasons for that too.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Player development? All of these players are getting minutes because Pauno changes the lineup every match. There is zero consistency with this team because every thing is different every match. How Daniel Johnson didn't even step on the field is mind boggling. He created more in 10 minutes Wednesday night than Collier has all season. We have negative creativity on this team. Every player is a boring, predictable player. They get the ball, play it backwards or sideways, and then play a long ball. Johnson, like last season before the injury, at least tries to attack.

    I don't think Pauno is good enough to lead us into the future. This team, right now, is nowhere near good enough. This is not a playoff team. This is not a playoff roster. IMO, Pauno needed to go after the NYRB loss in the playoffs. The sooner the better.

  • TOTALLY AGREE. That debacle against Red Bull year was the last straw. The result, the effort, the Arshakian choice of sub only to demonstrate what an amazing recruiter of young talent that Pauno is. Pay that player $100K + and watch Pauno show preference over younger and more talented players (like Johnson) was disastrous enough to lose one's job.

  • In reply to FutbolJunky:

    I think the performances we are seeing now are a combination of his first season and last season. I think he is in way over his head and is not sure what to do. The constant massive lineup changes from game to game are a clear sign of that. Last season, the players just naturally picked their positions. When he has to actually work (this season and his first season) his team looks like they are lost. They don't know what to do. They play 15 sideways passes and then play a long ball. They lack creativity and are easy to defend. Far too often is Pauno considering how the other team is going to lineup instead of figuring out how his team best plays. When we were at our best last season, it didn't matter what the opposition was going to do because we were confident in our own ability to control and win the match. That quickly faded after the All Star game and has been on a steady decline ever since. He's been the manager for 2.5 years now and we have seen a almost 2 entire seasons (the whole first year and the 2nd half last year and so far this year) of miserable soccer. I would have been completely okay with getting rid of him after the atrocious 2016 season but he absolutely needs to go this season. The sooner he is gone, the sooner we can move in the right direction.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    He's gone after a losing skid of 3-4 matches. He knows it.

  • In reply to FutbolJunky:

    Well, yeah. But that's only because the hiring and firing is in the hands of the same guys who (they admit!) haven't put a fully staffed team on the pitch yet this year.

  • My only comments are: 1) I'm glad I was able to find an youtube stream of the audio broadcast for the game.
    2) Wake me up when this club is run by ownership that will spend more than what is necessary to keep its investment just above viable, and wants to make it a premier team in MLS.
    3) I didn't realize that mid-tier would be this ugly, with injuries and all.

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