Happy New Year from Fire Confidential

Everyone have a safe and happy 2017!

We’re back again this coming season with more breaking news, stories, and coverage of soccer stuff. We may even resume the podcast on a regular basis.

Thanks again to Jeff Krause, Martin Tomszak, Edgar Rivera, and Sean King for another year of contributions to the Fire Confidential team despite another less than stellar campaign.

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to stop, read, and especially comment here! Your dedication, passion, and support proves that there is a market here the sport…..now if there was only something positive to write about in 2017.

Here’s to hope!

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    As always, Thank you Guillermo and your partners. If it means anything your site and sources are the first ones I visit and trust when I'm looking for cf97 news. Thank you for your work. Happy new year lets hope for a great one on and off the pitch.

  • In reply to AbeCalder:

    Thanks....it does mean a lot!

  • Thank you, Guillermo and the rest of the crew, for hours of reading and thoughtful analysis in 2016. While the team was pretty dismal in the standings, there were some positive things on the field. Thanks for your reporting on the first moves towards 2017, which seem positive. Hoping you have more good news to report in the year to come. Even though I keep threatening to abandon this foolery, I'm pretty sure I'll still be reading and commenting.

  • Thanks for all your work GR!

  • Hey GR what's the deal with Fernandez and the Peru U20s? Seems like he was supposed to play for them but didn't have his paperwork in order?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Apparently not eligible because he wasn't able to get Peruvian citizenship according to report in Peru.

  • Wishing GR, the whole Confidential crew and and all us Fire fans a happy, healthy AND LUCRATIVE 2017!!! And of course extending to the Fire organization - like the song says, 'here's to hopin', here's to hopin', here's to hopin'. . .'

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    Thanks for all you do GR!

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    Thanks for all your work, Guillermo. It's not easy remaining a Fire fan while living 900 miles from Chicago, but your site helps a lot.

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    In reply to Dan Koev:

    Ditto, but from Colorado :)

  • In reply to Joe Brancato:

    Double ditto, but from Maryland!

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Triple ditto, but in Portland (OR)

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    Would a possible Eric Lichaj signing ever happen it would be great to bring him back to Illinois and give the back line some more experience and maybe jumpstart his usmnt call ups

  • In reply to Raymond Guttendorf:

    Lichaj is LB but maybe we can move him over RB... But anyways the chances of him coming to Chicago are low.

  • In reply to Ahan Jain:

    Why do you say that? We need a RB. He is younger and plays there regularly. He is from Downers Grove and has family that still lives there. I'm sure if the opportunity to come to MLS is there for him, his first choice would be Chicago. Will he end up here, who knows. I'm sure there is a higher chance of him wanting to come here instead of RSL, Houston, or Dallas. He would be a good signing if you ask me, Spector too.

  • Heard reports that Rossi, who is currently on loan at Celta Vigo is being linked with a move to Montreal Impact and Chicago Fire. I think he could be a pretty decent candidate for the rm spot seeing that we need depth at that spot. Being 29, what do you guys think? According to Wikipedia, he could play in various systems in the attack, like a lone striker so if Nikolic gets injured we could just slot him there.

  • In reply to DavidFromChicago:

    Dammit, I said this would be a great move a few weeks back on GR's twitter machine. The Fire should just skip the middle man and hire yours truly!

    The question would be can they get him on loan to buy so they can use their MVP from '15 and '16, TAM/GAM, to still go after a CAM like Honda or someone else??

    I, for one, would welcome our USMNT Judas with open arms.

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    Same but there is some controversy behind him and saw comments of even Fire fans not welcoming him because he decided to play for Italy rather than the US. If there is a little bit younger options in that rm position like Villalba then the Fire should pursue him, but if there is no other option then I would most definitely sign him. Better than Alvarez huh?

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    Rossi isn't coming to the Fire.....silly season is just that.

  • Thanks G for all that you and the associated contributors (Jeff Krause, Martin Tomszak, Edgar Rivera, and Sean King) do for us Fire fans. This blog is the sole reason (and mostly place) I still bother to follow the Fire. I would go so far as to award the whole group of you the Fire MVP.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Thanks Arklow, Modibo, Shinny, Heroic Oaf, buell3r, Dan Koev, Joe Brancato, Tweaky!

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