NFR: Looking ahead in America

Eight years ago the American people elected a President based on the concept of Hope and a vision of an inclusive country that would potentially unite both major political parties.

That talk of unity has been present at the conclusion of all recent election cycles, but it never materializes. That unity isn’t likely anytime soon as the political climate since 2008 has only become more divisive.

Partisanship and the ugly turn to reality-tv style campaigning and the fake news cycle of social media, initially fueled by conspiracy mongers, ensured that the last eight years never reached the potential sought by so many.

The flame of that Hope shouldn’t be considered entirely extinguished. It still exists if you believe in the same process that elected the 44th President of the United States and the dangerous buffoon that will serve as the 45th Commander in Chief.
Channel that remaining Hope into keeping the new President from dividing this country further. Support his decisions, should he somehow manage to actually accomplish something that will be beneficial for all, and not just those on the other side of the political aisle.

Speak up if he does not.

There is still some Hope to cling to.

Hope that the new President does not destroy over seven decades of advances made in race relations, women’s rights, immigration, and environmental awareness.

Hope that the new President will not conduct himself as he has for the entirety of his adult life and suddenly feel the weight of the responsibility that he has undertaken as leader of not only this country, but the free world.

Hope that the new President will not follow through with the divisive, hate-filled, xenophobic platform that led to a public awakening of the uglier side of America.

Hope that the sons and daughters of People of Color are able to walk the streets of America without fear of being singled out and harassed for simply looking ethnic as a result of policy formed by this new President and the racist hordes that have interpreted his poisonous rhetoric as a rallying cry to publicize their hate.

Hope that the new President didn’t literally mean many of the things that he has promised on the campaign trail and was playing a “politician” in pandering to those that wanted to hear something different from a person elected to the highest office in the country.

Hope that the new President doesn’t infringe on the 1st amendment as he has indicated he will do in petty spats with media providing commentary that he doesn’t agree with.

Hope that in four years that candidates infinitely more trust-worthy and morally self-aware than the finalists of the two major parties in this cycle come forward.

Hope that those Americans influenced by phony “Breaking News” stories, circulated via social media and heavily slanted and edited to make one party’s candidate look like the anti-Christ, takes the time to independently research nonsense and come to valid, informed decisions.

That type of Hope is much different than the Hope that coursed through the country four years ago.

In the end, you get what you deserve.

Next time choose wisely.

Let’s hope soccer as a whole isn’t on the deportation list.

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  • Well said, Guillermo. But I'll take issue with one thing you said: "NFR". It is Fire-related. It is soccer related. It affects every aspect of our lives. Look at the teams we support, they're filled with immigrants, people of color, people of different sexual orientations, women's leagues, etc. We're now officially under the governance of bigots who seek to return our lives to the pleasant times, of the good old days, when everything was great as long as you were white, straight, male, and Christian.

  • In reply to manyou07:'re right.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Hey GR on the last sentence their were two A's. Just a heads up so you can fix it real quick :)

  • Well said, Guillermo.

  • This is what happens when Democrats try to be Republicans as they have been for several decades. Hucksters and demagogues see a market opening (Bernie Sanders) and fill the vacuum with Gibberish and scapegoats.

  • Guillermo

    I have always looked at this site as pure football but you opened a window and I want to comment. My daughter is forced to use a changing area where a man who wants to be treated like a lady uses. I personally am against this type of equality and I am against killing babies that are 8 months old . Should I have the right to vote my will or should I blindly be forced to go along with what I see as a view that is wrong. Elections in this beautiful country are for everyone to vote their choice. The recent vote was available to all and there will be another election in 4 years.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    That's the beauty of and be heard.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Well said Brokerman. We all had our own reasons to vote our conscience. I do not wish to get into politics here too, this is our place to either vent or cheer the Fire. GR, you are free to post your views since this is your blog. But why alienate or demean any of us who were one of the 50 odd million Americans who voted for Trump? Just as you have a right to express your views on your site I have a right to choose not to visit . Can we keep it to football please?

  • In reply to Fireman1:

    Back to football.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    "My daughter is forced to use a changing area where a man who wants to be treated like a lady uses."
    I really hope that was a joke, as it is an absurdly rare and inconsequential issue (and, if it truly was an important issue to you, would seem to disqualify Trump:

    Yes, everyone is free to cast their vote for whomever they chose. And in normal election years, I would agree that there's no need to bring politics into normally non-political channels. But when the person elected is an open bigot who threatens any and all types of people unlike himself, you can't expect others to keep quiet. Because this now does affect all of us, everywhere.

  • +1

  • fb_avatar

    Trump alone I think would be survivable. Trump with a right wing dominated house and senate.... Time will tell i guess but as someone employed in the sciences, its hard to be optimistic right now.

  • I heard Sarah Palin may be Secretary of the Interior. Sell any land you have in Oklahoma as it will be one continuous; fracking earthquake.

    Also, will Secretary of State Gingrich be able to deliver the 2026 (or even 2022) World Cup to the US?

  • In reply to Doug:

    Woe to the countries that dare oppose our bid. /s

  • I think this will have an impact on soccer.

    First, let's not forget that the sport in the US has long had the reputation as "foreign," rightly or wrongly (I happen to think wrongly as a historian). That's automatically a mark against it in the eyes of nativists. I can envision the anti-soccer trolls coming out of the woodwork.

    Second, as Manyou07 said, lots of the players on our teams now are foreigners, and lots are nonwhite, and some are both. Hate crimes are on the rise since the election. Visa rules may change. Citizens of some countries may be blocked entirely from entering the US. In that environment, what will the effect be on recruiting and retaining players, coaches, and other personnel?

    Third, decisions will be made in the next few years about future World Doug mentions. Anyone at FIFA with an ax to grind over the DOJ sting on Sepp and his cronies will likely be taking careful notes for anything that might disqualify the US as a host in the future. That goes for anyone in another FA that would like to host a future Cup that the USSF is also looking to win.

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