Fire trade to Shipp to Montreal

Fire Confidential has learned that midfielder Player Harry Shipp has been traded to the Montreal Impact in exchange for a combination of General Allocation and Targeted Allocation Money. In his third season with Chicago, Shipp has had some ups and downs since signing as the club’s third ever Homegrown Player in 2014. He provided 7 goals and 6 assists in his rookie season but tailed off in 2015 with 3 goals and 8 assists.

The move allows Chicago more room to get back into the international market for an attacking midfielder.

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  • Do we really need more TAM and GAM? Surely between the you suck bonus, Drogba, and all the draft day wheeling and dealings we have as much allocation as anyone has ever amassed (unless we got fleeced). Wasn't Shipp supposed to be part of our young core? Wasn't the plan to see what he could do when finally given the keys? Hasn't he been essentially the face of the franchise for the last 2 years? WTF!?!?!

  • I seriously checked the date to make sure it was not April 1st.


  • more magic beans?

  • I knew it.. nothing in return. They sold him for more pocket money for Hauptman. So will they actually spend anything, another over the hill name player, or just sit on the cash? This is not the way to build through subtraction.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    First of all, I don't like the move b/c Shipp seemed like a quality guy and a good player. That said, "pocket money for Hauptman" and "another over the hill player" come across like comments from a jaded fan more than based on reality. What over the hill big name is the team paying right now? And, isn't the team losing money?

    Be angry and mourn the loss of a great guy.

  • Although Shipp has had his moments (particularly that hat trick against the RBs), his norm has been mostly mediocre and his loss is not a great hurt, IMO. I'm willing to wait and see. I've been pretty comfortable with the results of the off-season dealing thus far, although the proof will only come clear in the regular season. We won't know for sure until we observe a healthy dose of that. Basically, things have been so bad for so long that I can no longer muster either despair or enthusiasm. Good luck to Harry but I really won't miss him.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    "Basically, things have been so bad for so long that I can no longer muster either despair or enthusiasm."

    Yep. You nailed it.

  • The only way this becomes a good move is if we sign a Giovinco-type player and we make a deep playoff run. Anything less and this is as bad as trading away Berry and Anibaba. They sure as hell better be announcing a fantastic attacking midfielder this week.

    Just to be clear, Matt Polster is now one of the longest serving players on the roster.


  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Shipp >> berry + anibaba....imo people need to stop pointing at that as our worst trade. We traded two young guys that maxed out as squad/role players for veterans that didnt end up having anything left in the tank. Neither turned into a player you could build on. Harry was/is that focal point type of player.

  • In reply to AJties:

    I am not saying that Harry is not better than those two. He is clearly better. Those other two were young, solid players that were traded away for nothing in return. Same thing has happened here. We have more money to bring in players that are nowhere to be found. It's February 13 right now and we have almost as many trialists as player on the roster. We have Cocis as our captain right now. I was determined to be positive this season. It's almost impossible. It's not like we traded away a veteran player to get younger and help us rebuild. We traded a 23 year old from the Chicago area for money.

    The only logical thought is that he sees Collin Fernandez as the guy to play there this year, which is fine but we don't have any players for the roster. Our average age is going to be 22 with 2 years experience in the league. The three year process is going to quickly become a 5 year process.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    I completely agree with your comment about trying to be positive and then something like this negating the positivity. I was very excited for the season after the showing on Thursday, and this squashed any of that excitement for me.

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    In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Agreed. I hate this fucking team. So pissed off right now.

  • Man, Harry hasn't yet grown to where he can roll 90 min every week across a season. When he's on he rocks, but portions of the first two seasons he has kinda faded. I was hoping that with new phsyios he could develop the type of fitness to be dominant. Harry's lack of top speed works fine for some systems, but ya got the feeling early on that Harry's game might not fit in well with Pauno's system. Guess that decision has been made. This hopefully also alludes to Colin's development and other moves Pauno has in mind.
    I hate to see a guy who came up as a kind attending matches, dreaming of playing for the Fire, and making it, leave town but IF the right move are made, we can be a better club for it.
    All the best to Harry.

  • I predict a 30 year old defender from Sweden!

  • If we assume Harry not fitting Paunos system as the reason for this trade, I still dont understand the timing. We dont have "extra" players that fit the #10 role, so why not let Harry lead the team in assists until July and sell him for substantially more? 3 year plan right? Why sell low if we're looking long term? You'd have to then think that NR and Pauno are not confident that Harry can improve his value over last year even though he would have consistently healthy targets and consistent opportunities to play in his assumed best position (centrally as opposed to on the wing). NR and Pauno must have evaluated Harry as a player that will not meet the potential the fan base assumes he has. They must think he will not perform better than his numbers last year. This is the only hypothetical logic i can come up with to justify the move...and i still dont like it

  • In reply to AJties:

    He probably has too big of a personality for the team. They need players who are timid and only give one word answers. I hate this move almost as much as I hate Yallop.

  • Amen. God save our souls for being Fire fans.

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    NR and Pauno, just give us some kind "vision" of what your trying to accomplish! I hope your "plan" is one based on a solid foundation for immediate success and future playoff runs. As Mike Tyson says, "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face!"

  • In reply to Bob Bilocerkowycz:

    My plan was to be positive this season. I just got punched in the face. Back to reality now...

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    In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    You, me and a couple thousands Chicago Fire Fans, ouch, that hurt!~

  • I personally think there's a lot of over reaction here. I've never rated him much more than an impactful offensive player off the bench. He's good at times, but disappears far too often and has no two way game. He does seem like a good guy and and great clubhouse influence, but I'll wait and see what they end up doing with all of the funny money before getting upset. They should have some big moves up their sleeves, and I'm down with a plan to add some major talent upgrades over average MLS players. Time will tell...

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    That major talent wont be coming right now. At the earliest they will be coming in July. Do you think it is possible for this team to be without a win into May? I think that is very possible. What big move player would want to come into a team that is so far from being good right now. The only thing we could hope for is some big name at the very end of his career that is looking for a pay day. Everyone is pretty clear around here that we dont want that type of player. Do we see AH forking out 10m a season for Vela? Do we want a 36 year old John Terry midway through the season? Would any of those players even want to come to Chicago if they could go to places like Orlando, LA, or NY? I dont see it. Even if he did, we would then have 4 DP's and 3 of them would be strikers when we are planning on playing a 4321. We had a 24 year old attacking midfielder that is a good MLS player. He is from Chicago. He does the right things both on and off the field. He was the face of this franchise for the past 2 years. Everyone likes Harry Shipp. The season starts 3 weeks from tomorrow. Nothing points to this being a good move for this season. There shouldnt be anyone moving out of this club right now unless someone is brought in to replace them before moving on. The players are not available right now and if they are, its because they arent good enough. This year is shaping up to be an all-time low for the club.

    Just to be clear, our team consists of a back 4 of players who have never played in the league before, a central midfielder who is clearly not good enough in Cocis, a TBD attacking midfielder, ??? at RW, and Gilberto or Iggy up top. The only players that we know are good enough to play consistently in this league are Sean Johnson, Matt Polster, and David Accam. Everyone else is borderline average when they play to the best of their abilities.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    And he isn't even guaranteeing that Johnson is the starting keeper. You nailed it. I'm hopeful in the coaching staff, but this team's history of marketing blunders just shows again that it doesn't know how to sell the product. Selling off a popular local player that came up through your own academy and won a national title in college will not help bring in the youth clubs. No players from Mexico or Poland brought in to help sell tickets. I really think they don't understand the fan base here. This is such a discouraging way for these guys to start here.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    I get it. Where I'm coming from is I don't harbor much hope for this year anyhow, so I don't really care much if the signing comes this summer if it'll help longer term. So it's a bit of a strategy of building up resources to then dive in to bigger and better players and creating a better team. Harry's letter was pretty great and definitely pulls on the heart strings - I can see why people are upset given his local ties (hell, I'm from Lake Forest, so I was definitely pulling for him). I just think his value on the field is somewhat limited. We'll see, he still has a chance to develop and it's always extremely questionable what this team will do with extra resources...I'm just giving it time as I could see this being the correct move when it's all said and done.

  • Guys. The team looked good against a terrible union squad. I hope old Andy is it saying hey I can save a few bucks on ship and use Fernandez. If that so we might be a bit better than last year it not much. Absolutely no big signings so far and the season is 3 weeks away. They must be having a big problem at their opening dinner. I have been asked to purchase tickets by everyone at the fire. If old andy would show and apologize for the last 5 years I would buy a whole table.

  • Save a couple bucks? Seriously?

    Shipp was not making anything'

    Seems far-fetched that Hauptman would demand that Shipp be traded to save 80K.

    If you want to blame someone, blame Paunovic. If Paunovic wanted Shipp, he would still be here.

  • It seems obvious that NR & Paunovic have decided that Shipp does not fit what they are trying to do, so they decided to sell him. I simply view allocation money as similar to a transfer fee.

    Harry Shipp seemed to be a great guy, but his play was inconsistent and his lack of athleticism limits his upside as a player. I am sad that he is gone, but I FULLY support the club if they feel this move will make the team better in the long run.

    As for the knee-jerk attacks on Hauptman, the criticism comes across as petty and petulant.

    I COMMEND Hauptman for having the guts to let his people make this unpopular trade and to give them the leeway to radically recession the club.

  • In reply to Charles Jogues:

    Oops, not "recession" -- meant "recession"

    Auto-correct drives me crazy!

  • "Refashion" - it did it again!

  • Guys ship never had the chance to play on a team with any sort of complementary talent. The past two years under Yallop have been awful. Yallop consistently played him in a position that was not his best. In talking to a member of the mls NY office he said that the fire were really suffering from lose of season ticket holders. This move will not help. I agree with a writer that the club could be winless in for quite sometime. If accam goes down or out of town that it for this fragile team.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Very true on the point of Shipp not having the benefit of shining around a well-organized group of players. Example: Husidic, Gargan (though I feel his personal level didn't vary that much between Chicago to SJ to LA,) Rolfe, MacDonalds, and even, yes, Fondy to an extent. Shipp had to play for a manager who seems to have been less organized than a can of spilled alphabet soup. That said, fitness, speed and falling back have always shown themselves. I seem to recall that the main praise for Shipp was his eye for plays and ball placement.

    As for wins, who the hell knows.

  • So is KI a DP? MLS doesn't think so:

  • Coming up on the next podcast....Fire GM Nelson Rodriguez.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Is that a noun or a verb?

  • lol are you people serious? we're talking about soccer here, right? freaking soccer! it's a mickey mouse sport for children and white hipster douchebags that may be the most boring sport ever invented. there isn't a sane soul in the entire city of chicago or the whole united states and canada who gives two craps about it or ever will. why don't you guys sack up and try watching some actual north american sports like football, basketball, hockey or baseball? or do you all lack have the cojones to handle them? maybe they're all too manly for you to deal with. that might explain why you all actually spend time watching soccer.

  • In reply to peroream:

    Soccer fans have both intelligence and cojones, apparently you are missing one of those qualities. Talking about boring, baseball can be completely boring with hardly any action. Sounds like you have something against sports that developed elsewhere than the U.S.
    If it wasn't for soccer there would no american football, without cricket
    there might not be baseball. Track and field sports developed elsewhere.

  • In reply to peroream:


    Glad you don't care enough about soccer to take the time to stop by and actually comment.

    Quite manly.

  • In reply to peroream:

    I love trolls. They are so cute.

  • In reply to peroream:

    trolls gonna keep trollin.

  • In reply to peroream:

    I quite agree, but who are we against the billions who disagree?

  • "Coming up on the next podcast....Fire GM Nelson Rodriguez. "
    I'm sympathetic to your demand, but I don't think Andy will fire him.

  • I see Harrison much the way I remember Kyle Martino--a promising American #10. Unfortunately he never had a coach and players that believed in him enough to turn over the reins to him for a long enough spell for anyone to find out if he could actually develop there at the professional level. Pauno gave him a two week run in preseason, but never seemed to rate him. It's his obligation to get the players he thinks will be right for the team. It's unfortunate that he doesn't see Shipp the way many of us do. I hope Shipp finds a better situation in Montreal. All the best to him as he is a class act.

  • Very sad to see Harry Shipp shipped off to Montreal which had so many former Fire players and Drogba who the Fire had 1st dibs on!

    Our organization is a joke already, why Ship off a young local kid who many felt was the core of our team...why not give him at least a half season or the whole season to see how he did with a compitent coach for a change...he was yalloped as was Jeff L, Matt Polster, etc and played out of position.
    We know he doesn't have great athletism but is a good kid on and off the field!
    Even from purely a PR standpoint, this is a bad move!
    Sold for more funny $ in Andy Cakes pants!

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