Happy 2016 from Fire Confidential

Last New Year’s Eve I wrote that results on the field had to be better than they were in 2015, but somehow they actually went backwards. Unfortunately for the Fire (and all of you), 2015 was the worst season in team history despite the addition of three new Designated Players. That failure has precipitated yet another regime change and a bit of renewed optimism with a new General Manager and Coach on board.

The lack of player movement to date has caused some restlessness, but the recent silence ensures that the next few weeks will be full of transactions and news to pour over.

Fire Confidential will be back in 2016 with the breaking news, stories, and coverage that you’ve come to expect over the last six years. I’d like to thank all of you again for your passion, support, and time in reading and commenting here. Your contributions on this blog, and to the community are very much appreciated.

Special thanks should also go out to the Fire Confidential contributors in 2015. Jeff Krause on the Fire Confidential Live podcast, Sean King on game day photography, Martin Tomszak on match previews, and Edgar Rivera on post-game videos, all helped make this space what will hopefully continue to be your first stop for local soccer news and discussion.

Looking back at last year’s predictions for MLS, I did manage to land 10 of the 12 playoff participants but the order of finish was, let’s just say, a bit off. Seattle and Toronto came nowhere near MLS Cup. We’ll throw another dart at the board in 2016.

There will be plenty to talk about in the coming months, including the buzz for even more professional outdoor soccer locally.

Until then, have a Happy and Safe New Year!


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  • Thanks for all you do. I always look forward to you filling the media void that is the Chicago Fire.

    Have a great New Years and I look forward to an interesting season.

  • Thanks G! I wish the Fire could be as well run as your blog. I'm afraid I've burned up all my optimism so I'm trying not to post much. But I cannot let you off without the praise you so deserve! Thank you.

  • Thanks once again for another great year for the podcast. All of you listening, submitting comments/questions, and interacting with us here and on social media makes this labor of love worth it, despite results on the field. Here's to a (hopefully) great 2016!

  • What everyone above me said. Seriously. You guys are my go-to. Have been.

    I looked at my picks for playoffs last year. Wow. lol

    I also pledge to not lose track with my game picking record. For real.

    Here's to a happy silly season starting tomorrow and may we all be pleasantly surprised by the time January ends. God knows we need it.

    And may the 2016 season end on a much better note. Please.

  • Guillermo, the blog is great and something I check every day. Keep up the great work. Let's hope what you have to write about in 2016 is more fun to read. Go Chicago Fire Confidential!!

  • GR et al, FC is the best part of being a Fire fan. Thanks for keeping me informed on all things Fire

  • Guys. GR is the only and best source of Chicago fire news. Thanks for supplying us with news about the team.

  • Happy New Year, Guillermo, Jeff, et al. Thanks for all the great updates in the past and looking forward to them in the future.

    (Wow, this is the one thing that the commenters can actually agree on! An achievement in and of itself!)

  • I'm late to the table, but thanks GR. Fire Conf is a lifeline for me out here on the East Coast. Thanks to Jeff also for his work when you put out podcasts! Keep it coming in 2016!

    On a separate note, Pulse Sports Ghana had a reader poll to vote for the best performing Ghanaian abroad, and Accam was included among the 5 possible choices. Kwarasey of the Timbers ranked second, but the fact that Accam was included says something about how he is viewed, and the fact that two MLS players were on the list says something about how the league is viewed. Literally and figuratively since it's now being broadcast all around the world.

  • So is KI a DP still? Because according to this he is not:

  • In reply to penapirata:

    maybe it is because he was bought down with TAM last year?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Yes. He is a 2016 DP

  • Guys by this time even the average idiot has to think that there is something up with the Chicago Fire. I believe that nr has been placed in a position that he has done before. That is sell the team. Yes they will participate in the draft and maybe bring in a Serb player or two but at this point a team with only 13 players and two home grown stage the fire is not serious about the season. It really is interesting all the moves that are being made by active teams. The best in my opinion is the signing of the leading scorer for all of Japan by the whitecaps . There is activity by all the teams minus the fire.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    I've had the niggling feeling for a while now that the plug was already pulled but the league is trying to keep us few remaining supporters in the dark for some reason. Though perhaps with my optimism all burnt off, I'm just torturing myself.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Not the case.

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