Fire noteboook - recapping Montreal, defensive help, and internationals return

The Fire are facing the last seven games of the season with a very small chance remaining at qualifying for postseason. After am impressive home victory against the New York Red Bulls and a draw in Orlando, they were within striking distance of the sixth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference but a defensive collapse following a good first twenty-five minutes to begin the match in Montreal killed that momentum. The game was massive for us and I thought that we started off very well in the match,” Frank Yallop told reporters during his weekly conference call. “We hit a guy that was in unbelievable form on the night, in Drogba. We scored three goals away from home, which is fantastic, but to concede the four goals is not like us. It’s just ups and downs. Momentum is everything but again we’ve got to pick ourselves up and try to get a good performance and a win in New York now. We’ll get going. It’s obviously a disappointing result. I felt we at least started pretty well with the group. We did some decent things in the game. Scoring three goals is never easy but conceding the four was the thing that obviously killed us.”

Defensive break downs at inopportune times, along with a lack of finishing in other instances has left the Fire were they stand now. Pinpointing the reason for the lack of consistency throughout ninety-minutes has been perplexing. “It’s kind of been us all year. We’ve had a few games where we’ve been right on it for ninety minutes but it seems like we’re just getting punished for every little mistake we tend to make or the team seems to get a chance and ends up scoring. We’ve talked about it, we’ve watched video, and we’re doing stuff in training. We’re trying to get to the bottom of everything, but sometimes it’s just the players themselves will figure it out. We’ve had a little bit of a mix up sometimes in the line-up at times, but that’s no excuse. We should be able to see a game through and get it done. It’s been a frustrating point of why we’ve lost as many games as we have this season. We’ve just had that crazy spell in games where we’ve looked like we’re going to concede goals and we do. It’s just very frustrating for the group,” said Yallop.

The upcoming match in New York should feature a full squad of available players with those who participated with their national teams last week returning. David Accam, Joevin Jones, and Daneil Cyrus all trained with the team on Monday morning and Matt Polster will join them after the US U-23 match tonight. Sean Johnson will also meet up with the team in New York after the USMNT game against Brazil.

Cyrus’ play may be of particular interest because he can contribute at two positions in which the Fire need reinforcements. Yallop said that Trinidad & Tobago coach Stephen Hart likes him at right back or central defender. “It’s nice to add a player,” said Yallop. “It took a while with the permit and all the red tape and paperwork we had to get through and waiting, so it’s been kind of frustrating but he’s here now. He’s a young international player that’s done well for his country and we’re trying to integrate him into the MLS once we getting him training with us and get him playing games. I expect him to see the field for sure. I don’t know exactly when. We just have to make sure he’s up to speed on everything but there’s no time like now because we need to get a result Friday.”

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  • Guys. Blab. Blab and blab. When are they going to replace the worst coach in the mls. I can hardly stand to hear the same statements week after week after week. the best thing for the team would be for them to continue their losing ways so that they would be first in the draft. Does anyone think that they could draft the hot center forward for Stanford. I think his name is Jordan Morris.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Seattle has homegrown claim on Morris.

    Fwiw, Georgetown centerback Josh Yaro appears to be the consensus #1 pick in this upcoming draft.

  • Drogba has been in fantastic form?! This was his first start in how long? He hasn't played in how long? 7 games left of this terrible season with this terrible coach.

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    I blame our defense more than I give credit to Drogba. I still can't get over the corner that Johnson messed up and then Palmer lost his marker. Sums up all the other fuck ups this season. Offensively we have been better but that's also been against teams with defenses as bad as ours. I still have a feeling the club is going to give Yallop till next summer to turn this around. However while a fully healthy team could be mid level in the table, there is still too many problems around Yallop and the club to be a fully functional top team even in the East.

  • In reply to Eric Kekeis:

    A fully healthy team, with no additions, still has the worst defense in the league. Jones is the only player that is good enough to start. Everyone else is not good at defending.

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    So how's Arne's injury looking? Expecting him to return and shore up our back line any day now...

  • In reply to Jeff S:

    Maybe we could hit him up for a lead or two on a good CB and RB?

  • In reply to Jeff S:

    I'm going to go ahead and +1 this as comment of the week.

  • Is anyone really surprised? There is no way Yallop comes back, as his tenure has been a disaster. At least under Klopas they seemed to have a bit of passion, with a lousier team. Larentowicz is out of position, and Gehrig is brutal. And Sean is a MLS keeper for sure, not European material. At least he has finally discovered Stephens, but they are just dreadful. This season can't end soon enough, they aren't going to miraculously put it together at this point.

  • Picks tonight.

    Vancouver over Colorado
    Sporting KC and Portland draw


  • A fish rots from the head down.

    The problem is not just the players. We've tried lots of players since 2007, and many seemingly average players have gone on to success elsewhere - see Baggio Husidic, Chris Rolfe, Quincy Amarikwa (?!?!), Dan Gargan, Marco Pappa, Matt Fondy (!!!!! - OK, that's USL..), etc. Many that have been brought in as supposedly great players were also flops from the start (MacDonald, Puppo, do Prado, oh God dare I go on). We've also had lots of coaches since 2007 - none of them has reversed the decline. None of them has gone on to particular success either.

    The unifying factor has been ownership. Ownership is not good enough. Mismanagement at the top leads to poor technical staff choices and poor player selection, with poor support undermining anyone who comes in with a bit of skill or creativity.

    The declining record since 2007 only points to one thing. Change the coach / don't change the coach, bring in new players / keep the old ones. We may squeak into the playoffs a few more times over the next few seasons, may even make it deep in the Open Cup. But true success will be elusive without a change at the top.

  • So is it true that Drogba took less money to play in Montreal?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Less money? No.
    His salary this year is pro-rated over a half season.

  • I mean 9/19 game.

  • I'm planning to go to the 9/18 and 10/3 games. Is the wear-black-to-games thing still going on? That will be a weird thing to explain to my family and neighbors that are going with me.

    Up the People!

  • In reply to Doug:

    If you do and they don't wear black, just tell your family and neighbors it's your personal nod to Johnny Cash. :)

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