Fire add another local product in Eric Gehrig

Not long after being selected in the 10th round of the Expansion Draft by Orlando City SC, former Columbus Crew defender Eric Gehrig found himself in a familiar place. The Crown Point , Indiana native and Loyola University alum was traded by Orlando to his hometown club in Chicago. The Fire acquired the Right of First Refusal on his contract in exchange for a second round pick in the 2016 MLS Superdraft.

Gehrig, who is also a Fire PDL product, took to twitter to announce his excitement upon completion of the trade.


Gehrig was out of contract with Columbus and left unprotected in the expansion draft. He should provide some depth and coverage at centerback but can also play in the holding mid role. He made 48 appearances with the Crew from 2011 to 2014. “Honestly, there aren’t many words to give justice to how thrilled I am to come back to Chicago. The Fire have been in my blood since I was a kid in the stands at Soldier Field watching Piotr Nowak and Josh Wolff. I’ve worked hard throughout my career, this is something I’ve always had in the back of my mind and I can’t believe it’s actually happening,” said Gehrig.

A day after signing Naperville’s Michael Stephens the Fire have added another local role player who should help. Frank Yallop and company have more work to do however, and the next few weeks may be just as busy as this one has been.

The first stage of the Re-Entry Draft takes places on Friday.

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  • ESPN's John Sutcliffe reports that Juan Luis Anangono has signed with Liga MX's Universidad de Guadalajara.

    The Fire have managed to recoup some of the transfer fee paid for Anangono but likely nowhere near what they shelled out to get him. Regardless.....a good move that explains why he was protected in the expansion draft.

  • Wow.. players that want to be here.. that's a positive thing.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    Regarding Stephens: don't know if you saw the official Fire interview, but he acknowledged the fact that the last few years haven't been so great and that he wants to be a part of (paraphrased) "bringing us back to how we were."

    It's nice to get that kind of acknowledgement.

    I can kind of see Yallop's thinking. Stevens has the potential to be a component of something good.

    Whether or not it pans out that way is an entirely other matter.

    I'm looking forward to the FFL in March...

  • Guys
    Guillermo can you please call the fire and tell them to get a center midfielder. Look at KC and the revs all the success and action comes from krafty center mids. We have not had anybody close to respectable in that position since Grazzini.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Don't need me to call them. They're looking for one. Whether or not they can get a good one is another issue.

  • How is it that Stephens and Gehrig were not part of the Fire homegrown guys. These guys wanted to be here and yet they played and LA and Columbus. How many other kids are playing in the league that want to be here? At least with these 2, the guys won't have to worry about paying rent on their measly MLS salaries. They can sleep on the couch at mom and dad's.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Imagine if they would have had the Homegrown rule from the start of the league. We would be stacked!

  • LOL Krasov! It's good to bring the local kids home! We had good success with Mike Magee and him winning MVP and he should have had the Golden Boot as well!

    One local that has had good success at SLC is Ned Gravoy but he is off to NY. Hopefully Brad Guzan gets homesick soon and comes to the Fire, but I do like Sean Johnson

  • Alex has opted out of tomorrow's Re-Entry draft. He will re-sign with the Fire.

  • O Noooo not alex I cannot
    bare to watch a in shape guy running around the field and doing nothing . I have been on the edge of may being buying colombus tickets and this might have pushed me over the ledge. If sourmare returns there should be mass protests by the 100 fans that still follow the team demanding yallops scalp. Did anyone notice that not one chicago guy was picked up during these drafts. That speaks miles about the quality of the team.

  • I like the local guys, for sure, especially if they have played elsewhere and shown some mettle.

    If I'm going to watch a mediocre team, I'd prefer to watch a mediocre team of local guys playing hard for Chicago than a mediocre team of journeymen from across the globe playing half-heartedly.

    In the back of my head I have the Fire's new marketing strategy which is supposed to be more edgy and in tune with a younger, "alternative" demographic, and I get nervous that the team is making moves based on marketing. Getting Chicago guys may be easier than going out to pick up Mexican or Polish players to attract those populations to Toyota Park but there IS a marketing aspect to both kinds of moves.

    I think what I'm saying is I just don't want to be pandered to, and that after the past few years of low-ball nickle and diming, it's sad that I'm sitting here looking at these Chicago guys coming in, by all accounts thrilled to be home, who want to help the team, and one of the first things I feel is suspicion of the front office.

    Let's face it, the moves for the past few years have been erratic, suspect, and unspectacular. I WANT to be thrilled by the moves over the past week or so. But I'm still holding out to see if these guys - new imports and Chicago guys alike - can pull it together and compete in MLS next season, not just increase attendance at TP while wallowing at the bottom of the table.

  • Every fan should be skeptical until proven otherwise, but I *think* what most of these guys are are depth signings and guys who can compete for a starting role if they show enough to deserve it. So they start if they come in and prove to be the best option, otherwise they play a role in the top 18 or so. The only guy they've signed that I would write into the starting line-up with pen is Igby. Jones, Stephens and Gerhig all have a chance to start, but let's wait until about February or so to really decide whether the Fire are making the right moves or not. Alex is a pure depth guy, someone flexible enough to cover about 4 positions, and at the right price and with the right plan (using him as utility sub), is a good guy to have on the roster.

    I am looking forward to another couple of DP's to move the needle on the offseason. Baseball's hot stove has me fired up for some "real" offseason Fire moves...

  • If we want a top flight, high money, big name, out of favor striker that would fit the bill for "Keane-like money," how about Fernando Torres? SBI says he's out of favor at AC Milan. I'm sure that our partner Atleti will get him over us, but we should put in a bid, no?

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