David Accam signs with the Fire

Frank Yallop got his man this time.

The Fire are very high on 24 year old Ghanaian forward David Accam who signed with the club as a Designated Player. Accam had other options with Premier League clubs reportedly pursuing his signature but chose to come to Chicago and MLS based on meetings with Yallop this winter. “The commitment that the Fire showed me was the main reason I chose Chicago over the other offers I had. I would also like to thank the coach Frank Yallop and the owner Andrew Hauptman for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to play for the Fire. I cannot wait to repay their fatih,” said Accam, who arrived in Chicago yesterday.

An impressive strike rate in Sweden’s Allsvenskan doesn’t necessarily guarantee those numbers will translate in MLS but Accam does provide the potential to create big headaches for MLS defenders with his pace, creativity, and shooting ability. He’s also a player that is on the fringe of breaking through with the Ghanaian National team and has plenty of incentive to continue improvement.

Accam is a significant step up in talent and price from previous Fire DP signings. There are never sure things when it comes to the Fire but this signing has the potential to be significant not because they hope he can produce but because he appears to have the ability to do so on this level.


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  • I have to say that I feel that this signing and Igboananike's feel different than past faux DP flyers by the Fire. These guys seem to be on the way up in their careers, with something to prove. Accam for instance, has gotten call ups, and has to be thinking about Chicago as a place where he can bolster his resume for Ghana (who are now coached by Avram Grant by the way) as opposed to just clocking another paycheck.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    I agree. Both these guys appear to be talented, whereas nearly every major signing in the past 5 years for the Fire have been major gambles. These are still gambles, but I see them with higher floors and higher upsides as well, and lower risk. I can see Accam netting somewhere around 13-15 and Iggy scoring 8-10. We'll see how they adjust to MLS, but if Q isn't shipped off somewhere, I see it as a deep position that should be the strength of the team.

  • I'm very interested in others' ideas of how this roster is shaping up. I assume there's more roster movement upcoming, but how would Yallop field the team w/today's roster??? This is taking current health of Nyarko and Magee into account and just going with a simple 4-4-2.

    ---Jones----Jeff L----Gehrig-----Palmer---
    Bench: Reynish, Q, Ritter, Cochrane, Alex

    Obviously CB and CM are both areas of concern. Where it really gets interesting is what to do when Magee and Nyarko are healthy. Here's my take on that:
    ---Jones----Jeff L----Gerhig-----Palmer---
    Bench: Reynish, Q, Cocis, Ritter, Cochrane, Shipp, Alex

    I think this exercise shows me we are pretty well set at forward, wing, and DL and DR. There's a plethora of players that can play wing in magee, nyarko, stephens, jones, shipp and alex. Forward has 2 DPs and one of our best players from last year in Q. Add one more depth guy and that should be set. Central mid has lots of depth too, but would preferably see a DP level player added there - I think that would be the best use of our 3rd and, for now, final DP spot. A top end center back could be a good way to go too, and at the very least, they need another 2 players for depth there, but one should be of starter quality.

    Ok Fire friends...what do you think? Guillermo, have you heard any rumblings of a 3rd DP signing? Any idea if they have a preferred position for that player?

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    Central defense and center mid are still two areas they're definitely looking to fill. CB is higher on the list right now.

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    I could see Shipp and Stephens play together in central mid in example 2. I can also visualize Ritter playing some time in CB. And what about Fernandez? Will he be at a level that he can play any quality minutes this year?

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    Seeing the signings going on, I'm starting to wonder if Alex will experience the moderate-player-excels-around-better-players affect.

    I certainly hope so. I guess we'll see.

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    I knew something like this was gonna happen descargar David Accam

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    Not on the wagon yet.

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