Brazilian CB Adailton added to roster

The Fire now have 21 players under contract with the addition of 31 year old Brazilian centerback Adailton. The veteran defender spent last season with Esporte Clube Bahia in Brazil where he recently terminated his contract. He had been with Swiss Super League side Sion FC for the previous five seasons which included two loan stints in China. Sion is the same club that featured New England Revolution defender Jose Goncalves.

Adailton does have something the Fire are currently lacking. Size. At 6′-3″ he should compete for a starting spot on the back line next to Jeff Larentowicz. He does have some quality on his resume although he’s probably not the last centerback the team will look to sign. He has played for Rennes in France and Santos in Brazil among other stops since 2002.

He will be the fifth international on the roster joining Joevin Jones, Razvan Cocis, Kennedy Igboananike, and David Accam. The Fire still have three international spots and one DP slot avavailable per the previous roster rules which are sure to change with the upcoming new CBA.


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    Am I reading the transfermarkt website wrong in that he wasn't in the 18 for many games last season? Of course, it doesn't specifically say why he wasn't, though.

  • In reply to Steve Sanders:

    Only got into 4 games with Bahia. There doesn't seem to be any concern with an injury and the contract was mutually terminated. He started in three of those four games.

    On the surface one would suggest that a bit more quality is needed at the position. We'll see.....

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    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Agreed. One thing about stats is they don't lie, but they also don't tell the whole truth in many instances

  • In reply to Steve Sanders:

    "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

    That said, I'm glad Adailton is not being touted as our new cut-rate DP from a 3rd rate foreign league. His starts last year are not encouraging, particularly for a 31 year old, and I also have picked up an aversion to guys who played or starred on their YNT's with no full call-ups. Whether it's disappointment or just satisfaction with making a decent living as a pro, we've seen signings in the past who lack ambition and, more importantly, competitiveness (MacDo and Castillo come to mind right away).

    Per the Fire's bio, "A youth international, Adaílton captained Brazil in the 2003 FIFA U-20 World Cup, scoring once in the group stages and leading Brazil to the 1-0 victory against Spain in the final match."

    As well as the Swiss have done internationally recently, Sion is not striking fear into any of the big boys of Europe. Ligue 1 is undoubtedly bigger than the Swiss league but he didn't stick there. Could be the situation at Rennes, but maybe not.

    I guess the big question is he better than Baky and Ianni? It's hard to imagine he's costlier than Baky. I just don't see Yallop and Bliss making that move.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    But Bahia also had the next Landon Donovan drop in their lap and let him slip out of their fingers to some team in Serbia. So clearly not playing Adailton has more to do with poor talent identification than poor talent. <<<Sarcasm^^^^^^

  • Another bargain! I am so thrilled!

  • Center back is a tough position to fill with a good solid player. If this move is for depth, maybe... but this is not news to me.

  • Is Arne available?

  • I have no issue with this move. The Fire have plenty of spots to fill, this move simply adds experienced depth to the back line. He doesn't have to do much to be better then Ianni last year and I'm guessing he isn't as expensive.

    That being said, we still need a bona fide experienced starter next to big red before the season starts.

  • I have no problem with this move. This league is won by having big time players, DP's, surrounded by average to above-average role players. Unfortunately for us, we happen to take our gambles on the most important players for our team. That is why we fall short of the other top teams in our league. We are not going to miss the playoffs because we signed this guy. We have to fill in 7 starting spots this off season so...

  • I'd like to think at 6'3" he'll be able to get on the end of some set pieces, which would be nice.

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