Bliss: Fire can add DP

Fire Technical Director Brian Bliss spoke to reporters yesterday about the possibility of adding reinforcements in the July transfer window and indicated that the club does indeed have room to add a Designated Player to the roster. “Financially, we can do it just because of the rules the way they are and what you need to have available cap-wise at mid-season for a DP. We’ve got that room. Obviously, Andrew (Hauptman) is willing to back anything that we think is necessary, I think within reason. He’s spent money in the past, he’s not afraid to do it again. It’s just a matter of if you’ve got the right guy,” said Bliss.

The key part of that sentence is “within reason.” Don’t expect the Fire to make a large splash like the one New York City FC is apparently getting ready to make. The 2015 expansion side is reportedly set to add Atletico Madrid striker David Villa to their squad for their inaugural campaign. Bliss indicated that, while it’s not exactly where most clubs spend DP money, a defensive player may be more of a need at this point given the Fire’s woes in the back over the last two seasons. When asked about a comment made during a recent telecast regarding the technical staff having a “blank check” to sign a DP, Bliss responded, “I wouldn’t go that far. If we had a blank check we would have had Michael Bradley or somebody else.”

Also of note was the revelation that he had spoken to DaMarcus Beasley’s representation about an MLS return. It doesn’t seem likely that Chicago will be his final destination since his best position is not a need for the Fire at the moment, he’d be subject to the allocation process if he does sign with MLS, and the Fire currently don’t have budget space if a DP is pursued.

The Fire have budget room for a half-season DP by virtue of moving Chris Rolfe to DC United but they should have some additional relief this offseason with 8-10 players coming up on team options. Two of those players will be out of contract at the conclusion of this season. Cutting bait or restructuring the deals of those 8-10 players would allow for changes in the offseason.

It also seems that a USLPro affiliation with the newly formed St. Louis side is a formality dependent on the completion of a new CBA.


  • The Fire will face Collins John and the Pittsburgh Riverhounds in round 4 of the US Open Cup on June 18 at Toyota Park. Pittsburgh defeated RWB Adria 3-2 in extra time last night.
  • Bakary Soumare and Lovel Palmer have returned to training.
  • Patrick Nyarko and Mike Magee did not train yesterday and are considered questionable for Sunday.
  • Gonzalo Segares is available but still not 100% and dealing with a bone spur in his ankle. Segares may have the bone spur removed during the World Cup break.

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  • Do we know who the 8-10 players with team options after this year are?

    I hate to be a downer, but I'm afraid one medium-level DP isn't going to drastically change things for this team. I think it could put us in position to slide in to the playoffs, key word being "could". I'm looking to next year as a bigger possibility that the Fire really make a bigger step forward.

    That said, I would be really happy if the team could acquire a talented DP to move forward with. Start to gather better than average players to group together with the likes of SJ, Magee, Shipp, and even guys like Nyarko, Joya...and you can see the beginnings of a stronger squad start to form. With an offseason where Yallop has much more maneuverability to put his stamp on the team, things could start to looker brighter in Bridgeview. At least we can hope...

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    With regard to that first part.....I have to revisit my list. I have an idea which 10 they are but I need to verify.

  • Patrick Nyarko now listed as OUT for Sunday....

  • Nyarko had surgery to remove a bone spur from his left ankle....

    Won't see him until after the World Cup break.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    So will we be seeing a younger line up with Lawrentowicz in DM, Shipp and Duka on the wings and Joya up top for the foreseeable future?

    Maybe we can still get Chupete? Maybe?

  • In reply to c0quito18:


    Suazo's not here because they weren't looking to pay him the $3 million plus per year it would have taken to pry him away from Morelia.

    I don't think we'll see Joya up top. He'll line up next to Larentowicz as he has over the last few games but he needs to get better defensively.

  • Oh, man, I have got just the guy for Bliss. Morten Skjonsberg - he's an experienced (read over 30) international (meaning he's from Norway but has played in Sweden) with championship background (1x Norway champion with Stabaek) and American links (Bob Bradley now coaches Stabaek!) Best of all, he has a transfer value that would put him into DP status for the purposes of MLS (440,000 pounds!). I don't know much else about him that what I found on transfermarkt, but I think he's the solution to our problems. We just bring him in and push "play", right?

    I mean, 440,000 pounds is Keane-like money, if you bargain hard and then move a decimal point.

    (Apologies in advance to Morten Skjonsberg - he may be a fine player but every time we're promised a DP we end up with another Depressing Parasite).

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Ooh, my bad - he is capped by Norway! Once, for a friendly, and lots of times a decade ago as a U21. MUST BUY PLAYER. MUST BUY!

  • So are we going to look forward to another Puppo, McDonald or Anongano this July. Can't wait to scratch my head again and say ??????????

  • In reply to DerSting:

    I don't believe they'll bring someone in as underwhelming as those three names you mentioned but I don't think they're spending #Keanemoney either.

  • What a Mickey Mouse outfit! Changes in coach and FO is smoke and mirrors. Same old BS! Same old BS owner.
    Apologies to Mickey!

  • In reply to kaca:

    Let's hold judgement until we see who they bring in. If it's another MacDonald/Anangono type then we can scratch our heads.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    My head has been scratched bare, GR. If it's another MacDone/Ohnonono type, I'm going to be scraping the flesh off my skull.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    GR you must be a Cub fan and used to mediocrity and excuses. Every year it's the same BS, wait till the summer transfer window. The teams competing in this league have their DP's and rosters set from the get go. For Bliss to say that they need defensive help after trading away two solid young defenders with a lot of upside tells me that this group doesn't have a hint either.
    The club has changed players, coach and front office staff the only constant is the owner! Think about it!

  • In reply to kaca:

    The owner is on record as saying that he was challenging his technical staff to bring him someone worth that big price tag and he wouldn't hesitate to sign him. That comment was made two seasons ago. If the Yallop/Bliss technical team can't bring him someone that would invigorate the team and the fan base then you have to ask the obvious it that two technical staffs have failed to find that player or is It that the check book isn't as open as they'd like you to believe?

    I'd like to believe that Yallop/Bliss are better judges of talent and they have more resources with which to operate.

    It's about time to back that talk up.

    For the record.....I am a recovering Cubs fan.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I just find it odd that in 2 years the technical staff didn't find someone worth the big price tag. It's not like the world is in short supply of soccer players worth a big price tag. I understand going after the diamond in the rough but I just get a gut feeling that the Keane money comment was made just to make it. I have a gut feeling that Klopas may have found that big price tag player and brought it to Javier's and Andy's attention and in the end they rejected it in lieu of the Puppo, Macdonald, and Anangono signings. I may be totally wrong but it is just a gut feeling I have.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    At some point that big move will need to be made for folks to believe it. It's just talk right now, as it has been for the last several seasons.

  • In reply to kaca:

    Traded away two solid defenders....who have spent long stretches riding the bench for their new teams this season.

    This new regime has shown they aren't afraid to make changes. The fan base needs to not have a microwave mentality, changing the work of the last regime is going to take time.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    If Ward is any indication of Yallop/Bliss scouting ability, I'm not going to be too worried. It's probably not too hard to do better than kickback Javier.

    Now, if a McDonalds/Anangano signing *were* to, scratching my head would be one of the last things I'd be doing.

  • In reply to kaca:

    Give it time. The quick fixes are the hardest to get right. The long term strategies are already looking remarkably better. Look at all the young talent on the field. Good enough already to be supplanting the previous tenants, just not yet a big enough improvement to show results. But at least some of htis youthful talent will develop and, I presume, be the new bones of the Fire future.

    Imagine. If they continue to put new young talent on the pitch at the same rate or even half as much each year, how soon might we see a juggernaut being assembled. Admittedly it's all still just a theory, smoke and mirrors if you prefer, but I think I see a LOT more purpose and direction than the Fire has demonstrated in several years.

    Could it be better? Probably. The attempt to shake up the defense, manuever into a better situation under the financial restrictions, and get better defensive results didn't work out so well. But they tried. They had a strategy and went for it. Better than the forlorn directionless flailing about we have been gagging over in recent years. After the last 5 years or so, I'm content just to see the rebirth of hope. I'm happy to wait and see where this gets us over the next year or so. I have no high hopes for this year. Anything's possible (so far) but I don't expect anything this year other than a work in progress with signs of hope for the future. Next year better be a lift and I still expect it will be. If it isn't, you may find me driving your bandwagon, grousing along with you! But not now.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    A lot of truth in there.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:


    For rebuilding, I'd like to draw on the parallel that comes into my mind, that of New England once Nichols was given the boot. 2012, NE is mid-table. 2013, NE are "playoff contenders." 2014...they are showing to be even better.

    I'd like to think Frank & Brian are capable of achieving that as well. And, Higuain was on Bliss' watch, no?'

    Speaking of which, I never knew Shipp was an Argentine. ;)

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    Higuain did join Columbus while Bliss was technical director.

  • Picks today

    Seattle 2 Real Salt Lake 1
    Toronto FC 2 Columbus 1
    DC United 1 Sporting KC 2
    Montreal 2 New England 1
    FC Dallas 1 San Jose 1
    Chivas USA 1 Philadelphia 0


  • Sea-RSL Tie
    Tor-Clb Tie
    DC-KC DC
    Mon-NE Tie
    Dal-SJ Dal
    Chv-Phi Phi

    Chi-LA LA
    Col-Hou Tie
    Por-Van Van

    50-60 (5 unaccounted)

  • Be sure to tune in to Fire Confidential Live tomorrow morning at 10am on and We'll be previewing the LA game, and chatting with Patrick Nyarko.

  • Picks for today.....

    Fire 1 Los Angeles 2
    Colorado 1 Houston 0
    Portland 3 Vancouver 2


  • So Villa and Lampard to nycfc. They haven't even played a game yet and they have a pair of better DP's than we've ever had (with apologies to Blanco). At least MLS continues to improve and gets more and more exciting to watch, even if the Fire lag far behind in excitement and competency. Years ago I thought we were one of the lucky fan bases in the league...I know we have to give Yallop a chance, but in regards to a legit DP for the Fire, I'll believe it when I see it.

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