New kits unveiled at Kick Off Luncheon, MLS 2014 is here

The annual Season Kick Off Luncheon has become a milestone marker for the start of each new season and this year’s event benefiting the Chicago Fire Foundation featured the official first look at the team’s new primary kit. The unveiling was greeted by polite applause from the majority of the room but there was also vociferous displeasure expressed from the gathering of Section 8 Chicago tables seated not far from the stage. Boos and catcalls were audible as players walked the stage.

The jersey itself wasn’t much different than the “leaked” version that popped up online a few weeks ago but does look much better in person. It’s not the abomination that some expected but it is better suited as a third jersey or secondary alternate than a primary kit.

In a press releases an Adidas spokesman attempted to explain the thinking behind the design.“This year’s look is inspired by the fire trucks of City of Chicago,” said Mike Walker, global product manager at adidas North America. “They have a distinctive look with a dark top, a band and red throughout the bottom half. Not only does this give a nod to the Chicago Fire Department, but it’s also a very iconic element of the city itself.  We also thought it was so compelling to see the light blue color of the Chicago flag represented so powerfully across the front band of the kit.”

I’m not sure which fire trucks he’s referring to.

Notes and news

  • The event was emceed by ESPN1000’s Fred Huebner who will host Chicago Fire Weekly every Saturday.
  • Interestingly Orr Barouch and Yazid Atouba were not introduced with the remainder of the team. Trialists Thomas Piermayr and Patrick Walsh were also not present. Newly acquired Greg Cochrane will join the team on the west coast.
  • Expect a deal for Grant Ward to be finalized some time before the weekend.
  • The Fire currently have 28 signed players on the roster and Ward would be 29. It appears Yallop is looking to go with 28 going into the season.
  • The Fire will travel to California today to begin training for the opener on Sunday against Chivas USA.

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  • It's been too long since I've seen an actual Chicago fire truck, but it looks like some do have black on the top of their cabs. I don't quite see the blue chest and shoulders on this jersey as an effective nod in that direction, but maybe that's why I'm not a creative.

    After seeing this and the new US home golfwear, I'm going to be looking elsewhere for a new jersey to wear this summer...

  • I think Quaker is doing a great job at slowly turning the primary kit into a replica of their "Quaker Oats" container. I'm hoping next year's away kit looks like the Quaker Chewy Granola Bar sleeve. I think it'll really bring out the magic in Magee's eyes!

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    In reply to c0quito18:
  • In reply to Mark M:

    wow. so that's why they did this. now it makes sense, and it makes it even worse. what a crock of shit this franchise can be sometimes.

  • In reply to Mark M:

    Haha, wow... Nice observation. So I guess we need to lobby Quaker to make their oatmeal boxes nicer looking before next season starts?

  • Here is a pic of an engine

    I get the look more now, but it would have been better to explain it beforehand i think, with truck pics.. now with all that i don't hate them as much, as it seems they are still referencing chicago firefirghters.. but that flag blue section with that line design is bleh for me..

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    The fire truck photos are not convincing when you look at the Quaker Oats boxes.

    God I imagine some mid-level marketing exec putting the two next to each other in his next departmental powerpoint presentation, with some blather about "synergy" and "leveraging visual collateral across channels to target growth markets."

  • In reply to Modibo:

    All of this said, I do like the sweat tops - in black if I'm not mistaken? I would buy one of those for sure.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Yes they're black.....and it looked like they sold a few of them yesterday.

  • The kit goes navy, light blue, then red. How does that look like a fire truck? Why are we inspired by fire trucks and not firemen and women? I'm glad there was booing at the event. This kit is the worst in the league right now. That ridiculous light blue stripe on the sock is equally awful. I understand the flag reference but that color doesn't go with the kit and it looks like someone said "oh the fans want a Chicago flag kit, let's throw a light blue stripe somewhere!"

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    it's pretty clear by now the firetruck blather is just that. it's a quaker oats box in jersey form, no question. andy just sold the jersey design to a corporation. i'm actually significantly more angry about this jersey thing now than before. i'm about thru with AH.

  • You know what I dislike the most? That single star above the crest. I think if we could stick one more of those on there for next year, it would really dress this thing up.

  • Agreed. Like we talked about on the Tucson wrap-up episode, if this team's winning 19 games a season, I doubt the jersey is nearly as big an issue.

    Winning cures a variety of ills.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Amen, brother.

    It turns sports fans into fans of a team, casual fans into supporters, supporters into die-hards, and malcontents back into die-hards. And it puts butts in seats even if the uni looks like a cereal box.

  • Is the away jersey going to be released as well? Any word on whether that is any less hideous than the home?

  • In reply to manyou07:

    The secondary kit will be new next year. I think the current one is pretty nice though. Experimenting with different looks is fine for secondary abd third kits....the primary should be left alone if you're really worried about maintaining tradition.

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    Yuck. Now I'm concerned that Sparky will be replaced with a walking box of oats.

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