Fire v Revolution match day

Starting line ups


GK Johnson

D Segares, Berry, Soumare, Anibaba

M Lindpere, Rios, Larentowicz, Nyarko

F Magee, Anangono

Bench: Tornaghi, Jumper, Alex, Duka, Pause, Amarikwa, Rolfe


GK Shuttleworth

D Farrell, Tierney, Goncalves, McCarthy

M Caldwell, Rowe, Nguyen, Sene

F Fagundez, Imbongo

Bench: Stuver, Barnes, Soares, Dorman, Agudelo, Barrett, Davies


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  • What a great game to see tonight.. lot's of shots and volleys and end to end action. The ref was brutal and should have given the Fire at least 1 penalty against Nyarko. Coaches and players were furious throughout the first half as were the fans.

    My only question with the subs is why leave Rolfe in there? He wasn't doing much.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    Wow, ref. MLS Refs SUCK! I almost can't watch. Barf.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    Rolfe didn't play at all in this game.

  • Glad to see Anangono actually get some passes, he might be the unluckiest striker on the team because he probably should have had at least 2 more. Alex came through in a clutch moment and the Fire showed heart. They were the better team throughout the match and deserved the win. The Refs were bad but the Fire seem to play better when the calls are against them, maybe it wakes them up. If this team shows up every match they will get in the playoffs and they will contend. This team is a team you can easily support, the team that played Seattle, Houston and Toronto is a team that you'd easily turn your back on. Lets hope this was a pivotal match and we continue to see them play with heart.

  • I thought the NE goal in first half stoppage time would have forced the team to give up. They didn't. The team improved with Frank's subs. I would have kept Nyarcko in and taken Jeff L out and put Alex in the middle. With Rios, I don't think Jeff L adds much. Rios is a beast and is so smart. Jeff L's role is less important and I question whether his type of play is needed. Given Alex's improved defense, I would start him instead. That would be a great line-up. I also think Soumare is crazy. He really should be relegated to the bench.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Soumare was outstanding last night

  • Don't think Nyarko is quite there yet, but should improve with more playtime. Probably would have started Duka over Lindpere. Larentowicz play is inconsistent, makes a decent play, then follows up with a poor one. Thought Alex's goal was more due to the lack of coverage than by the N.E. defense than a stellar play, soon as he got the ball I thought goal to the poor positioning of the defense, kind of like the goals that the Fire's defense loves to give up.
    Wouldn't say Sourmare was outstanding but played up to his capabilities. Still more room for improvement by the Fire, though N.E. played hard, they still are a degree or two behind the Fire talent wise. Now they're in a good position to make the playoffs,
    mainly because several teams ahead of them aren't playing all that well anyway.

  • Soumare played better than he has, but he was not outstanding. His distribution from the back consisted mostly of long balls to Anibaba going up the right or short, problematic passes to Segares, Rios, or Jeff L. Just because he didn't screw up does not mean he was outstanding. He was lucky he was not caught out of position several times. He did make some nice clearances from inside the 6, but he supposed to do that. I think he is always a second or two away from a red card and that would devastate the Fire's season. That is why I would leave him on the bench.

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