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So I’ve returned from vacation to find that ChicagoNow Community Manager Jimmy Greenfield has issued an assignment to all ChicagoNow bloggers asking them to “give an advice to a person, place, or thing. Yourself 20 years ago or 20 years from now, your spouse, former spouse, a sports team, Millenium Park, Metra, everyone of Twitter…” in something affectionately called Blogapalooz-Hour. It’s an open forum assignment typical of the free form writing that’s evident throughout the ChicagoNow family of blogs. Being that this blog is focused on the Chicago Fire it was easy enough to point to the “sports team” as the topic of this post.

Of course we’ve been doling out free advice for the better part of the last four seasons and writing an “advice column” aimed solely at the Fire and/or owner Andrew Hauptman isn’t something that can’t easily be covered in a short blog post like this one. Given the time frames that we’ve all been handed for completing said assignment I’ve decided to bullet point some of the suggestions given for each column but with a “Fire” twist.

  • Person – picking out one person wasn’t easy but I’d like to let Frank Klopas know that some times playing the kids isn’t a bad thing. (cough*Pineda*cough)
  • Place – Seeking to speak to a destination or location seems a bit silly but there are three words that I’d like to share with Toyota Park and the Village of Bridgeview. Pave. Parking. Lots.
  • Thing – If speaking to a place is odd imagine imparting knowledge to an inanimate object. Regardless I’d like to tell winter in Chicago that it should be no colder than 55 degrees. Switching to that winter calendar would then be no problem.
  • If  I could talk to myself twenty years ago I’d travel back in my time machine with winning lotto numbers and an offer to AEG in 2007. Easy one.
  • Twenty years from now? Elder me should know that it’s fruitless to keep hoping that the Cubs will someday actually win. (okay that wasn’t soccer related)
  • My spouse should know that watching soccer constantly is a great thing.
  • I don’t have a former spouse but I do realize that watching soccer constantly could lead to that title.
  • Everyone on twitter should know that 140 characters isn’t nearly enough to convey tone and intent as intended in many cases. I’m addicted anyway.
  • Oh….and that sports team. Another easy one. Listen to your fans.



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  • Oh boy, have you opened up a can of worms here...

  • In reply to Modibo:

    I tried to stay away from the can ;)

  • Fire's playoff chances now at 30.8%

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    And around a 55% chance of finishing 6th or 7th. Sounds about right to me. You make your bed, you gotta lay in it.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:
  • O.K., refresh my memory: Why do you want the parking lots paved? I know good reasons to leave it unpaved, but I want you to go first.

  • In reply to Fuegofan:

    Perhaps the folks who set up their tailgate in the unpaved areas can expand on this but I always prefer walking/driving over pavement rather than stone. It's not exactly the most welcoming of surfaces for public parking.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I'm with Guillermo. When the parking lot gets wet, it gets muddy and that's just unpleasant.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Pavement is a definite plus when moving around wheeled things (like grills and carts in and out of the Section 8 pods.) Unpaved = dust and gravel, which get into things like banners, large overheads, shoes. You have uneven surfaces resulting in puddles on rainy days. On hot days, I would speculate gravel isn't as scorching as an asphalt surface? Pavement in the north lot might translate to easier "cleanup" when they have events at the AH Memorial Rodeo Ring.

    On the downside, you can't do donuts in your car as easily on pavement as you can on gravel. Allegedly.

  • As a tailgater, I really like the gravel. I admit that it makes me feel as if I can be a little less careful. If I leave a bottle cap on the ground, or spill ashes or a beer, meh, no biggie. But they do need to break up the subsurface a bit so that the puddles drain faster.

    And that's actually why I think the lot remains unpaved. "Beautiful" pavement is an impermeable surface. All of the snow and rain that falls on it thus either collects on it or has to be diverted somewhere else. That leads to flooding while it's getting to the second place. Then, all of that water has to be treated. All of that is very expensive. Meanwhile, I suspect that Bridgeview doesn't have to treat, or pay to treat, nearly as much by leaving those lots in such a condition that a lot of the water simply drains directly into the ground. They likely didn't have to do certain permitting, which is also very expensive. Thus, the unpaved lots are good for the bottom line, and for nature. So be happy about those unpaved lots.

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