Monday notes / Fernandez on the move?

With the Superdraft and the start of training camp just a few days away business will start to pick up this week. Rumors and speculation should be in abundance over the next few days as teams begin final preparations for the 2013 season. The Fire technical staff is en route to Indianapolis after spending the weekend at the MLS Combine in Florida. No new deals have been struck yet but if you follow Fire news on the ol’ Twitter machine you may have noticed an interesting tidbit involving Alvaro Fernandez.

Martin Charquero (@MartinCharquero) a reporter for GolTV in Latin America tweeted that Fernandez was headed to Al Rayyan in Qatar on a six month loan. This followed a tweet from Fernandez himself (@flaco_fernandez) providing this cryptic message, “Bueno hoy arrancamos con nuevo rumbo!!” or “today we start on a new course!!”. The Fire acquired Fernandez late last season and he does occupy both an international spot and a Designated Player spot.  Moving him would leave a gap on the outside where the Fire are thin on wing players and a “6 month” loan seems to be an odd length of time given that he would theoretically be back in MLS near the half way point of the season.

Either way, no deal has been completed for Fernandez as of yet and he is still officially a Fire player as I write this.  Things could change given that Fernandez has indicated that something is brewing.  Stay tuned….

Fire Player Registry

For you stat and history nerds like myself, Jeff Crandall has amassed this impressive record documenting each and every player that has donned the Fire jersey since the club’s inception.  The Player Registry lists statistics for every player broken down by the type of competition.  They’ve even got a sponsor on board for it.

The only thing missing is the kit numbers.

2013 MLS Superdraft

The annual draft takes place this Thursday in Indianapolis.  Section 8 Chicago is travelling to the event.  If you’re interested in attending check out details here.  If you can’t make it, will stream it live starting at 11am.



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  • Ljungberd'd again by the Sounders...this is getting old, Guille...

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    Not sure what you mean.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I don't exactly recall how the Ljungberg thing went down towards the end of the 2010 season or how much the Fire gave up for Ljungberg but it was essentially a last ditch effort to finish the season strong with a shot-to-the-arm in the form of 2 DP's and it turned into a 3+ month loan. I just think the Fire need to stay away from trading for Sounders DP's for a while. I guess I'm ultimately disheartened because this looked like a solid move for the future (the Flaco trade that is) and it turned out to be a 3-4 month pass-through from the Sounders, again.

    I'm just hoping this frees an international and DP spot for a playmaker like a Grazzini...or even a Didier Drogba (hey a guy can dream, right?).

  • According to this, Al Rayyan's coach Diego Aguirre, an Uruguayan with a history connected to Fernandez tells Sport 890 news that a deal is almost done.

    "the negotiations advanced quickly and only routine details remain, like a medical exam. We'll close the deal and he'll be a good hand for us. Flaco started at Atenas in San Carlos, and from there he went to Wanderers where I was in 2007," says Aguirre.

    There is no mention of a loan term but Aguirre does say that his deal is up in June.

  • Now it is rent-a-dp for 1/2 the season and not pay the full salary. I would love to have Portland's or SKC's ownership, indeed, any MLS ownership other than Hauptman or the Kraft's. Even if he was poor when he arrived from Seattle, class is permanent, form temporary. This is more BS from the Fire; now par for the course.

  • In reply to Celt:

    Let's see what else is planned if this deal goes through before summarily panning the move.

  • I cannot see them bringing in a player as good as Flaco but would be more than happy to be wrong. It would take an International playing for a decent country and who is not on his last legs. We'll see, but i have little doubt this leaves us, and will leave us, weaker.

  • I think a gap on the right side would probably be more effective than Fernandez. At least we wouldn't be as surprised when the gap misses open nets from six yards out every game. I say we sign the gap to a long term deal and give it DP money!

  • I agree, though Fernandez had several solid outings, too many times he was MIA. I'm sure that the Fire can find a suitable replacement equal to Fernandez's ability, but actually should try for a serious talent upgrade at that position. Midfield seems like a difficult role for the Fire to fill, with Grazzini leaving in mysterious fashion, Pappa leaving for Europe, and now Fernandez going his way. Hopefully they can find a solid midfield player who is willing to make a commitment to the club for at least the next several years.
    This may turn out well for the Fire as it opens up an international spot which hopefully can be filled with a skilled player.

  • If this is a 6 month deal, I'm assuming it's a deal to basically go out on "loan" until his contract expires, ala Puppo and Robayo? Only mentioning that because I've heard a bit of the "why loan for 6 months only to come back 1/2 way into the season" talk. Would seem silly for it to be anything other than that.

  • Courtesy of @Ugly11....

    Al Rayyan's site confirms that Fernandez has been acquired on a 6 month loan with an option to extend. Deal is pending a physical.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Wow... and I thought Google translations from languages like Danish were weird. The Arabic to English one for this page is even better!

    Alright, well, so long Flacco, it's been good to know ye. I'm pretty sure you're salary's going up, so I won't cry for you.

    Wasn't Fernandez the cleverly timed fill-in for Pappa when he was rumored to be departing for Holland? Yeah, well, so much for that clever plan.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    On paper, the plan to replace Pappa with Fernandez was quite clever. In Fernandez, The Fire were getting a player who played a significant role for Uruguay in the last WC, so this really looked like an upgrade to me. Sadly, Fernandez underperformed and did not provide the impact that was expected.

    I am hopeful that this deal frees up the DP slot and the salary cap space.

  • Indianapolis is getting an NASL team.....

    Peter Wilt has been working with the ownership group regarding the start up of the franchise.

  • On paper,the outside midfielders have been pretty good. Now with Pappa and now Fernandez gone, its weak. Its pretty much oft inured Nyarko. Who in the roster would you put in? Bone? Pineda is hurt and even thou hes been a homegrown player for two years he hasnt had more than 5mts playing time.
    I really hope they arent going to put Rolfe there.

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    I'm pretty confident the team will pick someone else up to slot into Flaco's spot. I just don't see the team sending him across the world with no plan. I would be surprised if they put Rolfe there, but I've been disappointed before. I think we should all just let this play out before getting upset about the team unloading an overpaid, underperforming player.

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    Well, Klopas did say last season that he did NOT want Rolfe playing on the wing, that he saw his value in being closer to goal... That was when he had Pappa and Nyarko both in the lineup, and if the Pappa departure wasn't planned for (I doubt it was at that point - maybe thought about, but not planned for), it made sense. I desperately hope that Rolfe is not put on the wing, and I am optimistic that given Klopas's statements he will not. The question is who can they bring in at this point to cover? It's not too late to find a replacement, and hopefully with the big salary that Fernandez was getting, they will invest a little in someone who can perform immediately.

    I made disparaging comments elsewhere about getting Robbie Rogers, but if he costs less than Fernandez, and he could be coached into putting in more consistent performances, he might work. I am no Robbie Rogers fan, but he has had some success in MLS and could find some success in Chicago as well. Knowing the Fire of the past few years, they'll probably find someone in Argentina who has no idea what the league is like and hates it anyways, who then proceeds to (fill in the blank) until they are offloaded/loaned/sent under the bleachers/whatever.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    I'm not particularly high on Rogers either.

  • I may be alone in this, but Brek Shea, if he was interested in leaving FCD, might be a positive long-term replacement for Pappa/Flaco.


  • Per Jeff Crandall's tweet this morning, the Fire are bringing former Crew defender Rich Balchan into camp.

    He had a very good start to his rookie year in 2011 before missing the last year and a half with sports hernia surgeries. He's also played for the Fire PDL so they are familiar with him.

    Good addition for depth if he's recovered and fit.

  • Here's a picture of Fernandez arriving at Qatar's Doha International Airport last night......

    He's got flowers......

  • Balchan was #2 with the Crew. Note to FO........

  • I really hope the Fire aren't trading their only draft pick for Rogers or Duka

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    I'd be surprised if they did. I wouldn't be surprised if they traded up or traded a veteran for draft picks though.

  • Lots of wheeling and dealing on SuperDraft eve. Colorado and TFC looking to make big moves ahead of tomorrow, according to Ives.

  • i'm really curious about the larentowicz trade. can't wait to get your opinion about it guillermo, it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me with pardo/pause in house, but it also sounds like some people believe the fire got a steal. is larentowicz that good? can't wait for some expert analysis!

  • Ugh!!!!! I'm so disappointed in this trade we need to infuse some young talent! You can get a decent player in the 11th pick! Larnerowicz is 29 are we gathering a collection of has been d midfielders!!! We need a young one who can go 90!!! Are we the team that everyone just take a dump on when they have players they want to get rid of? Ljunberg, Flaco, wells THonpson, now Laurntoeiwiz haven't the fire learned ? There's a REASON these guys weren't wanted anymore. Now we will be the most hated team since we acquired the dirtiest player

  • Larentowicz is 29, hardly over the hill. I wonder if this means we play with one defensive midfielder rather than Pardo and Pause, and if we are going to replace Flaco before July. With Flaco and Pappa both gone our wings now look weak with only Nyarko with any real class. Hopefully there is more to come.

  • Realistically, how many players can cover as much ground at 29-31 against guys who are 20-25. I guess there's no reason to record the draft now. Any chance there are any suckers out there like us? Can we get someone to give us a high draft pick for Pause, Thompson, or Pardo? We still need a winger and a stiker

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    i think you have a right to be annoyed by sending the 11th pick for a 29 yr old player. that said, taking another view on it, the fire are getting a player that can hopefully set the team up to play with 2 forwards at once rather than having to play a pardo/pause combo, was his teams' mvp in 2011, started for a championship team, and takes away the bust possibility of the draft pick. he's a legit starting player, albeit with a shelf life quite a bit shorter than a winning draft pick would have been. i don't have a strong opinion either way, but there is some good in this as it certainly reduces risk and sets the fire up to perhaps make a run at some trophies this year. finally, i'm sure they have another move or two up their sleeves (i mean, there's absolutely no way they don't pick up another winger b/f the season starts...and with their later draft pick, maybe they can pick up some depth as well, though more likely for the future than for this year's squad).

  • Sounds like he wanted to come here over other places. I'd take someone who wants to play for the Fire over an indifferent player. The allocation money intrigues me, sounds like the Fire are lining up more moves. Thoughts, Guille?

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