Fire open preseason with 2-0 win

The Fire kicked off the 2013 preseason schedule with a 2-0 victory over Florida Gulf Coast University. Goals from Dominic Oduro and Daniel Paladini in the second of three thirty minute periods were enough to secure the win. Frank Klopas used three different line-ups over the course of the game and got a look at draft picks and trialists. ¬†Here are the line ups along with a few notes of interest…


GK Alec Kann

D Gonzalo Segares, Jalil Anibaba, Austin Berry, Logan Pause

M Wells Thompson, Jeff Larentowicz, Joel Lindpere, Alex

F Chris Rolfe, Sherjill MacDonald

Second Period

GK Ian Joyce

D Hunter Jumper, Steven Kinney, Rauwshan McKenzie, Rich Balchan

M Trialist, Mike Videira, Daniel Paladini, Yazid Atouba

F Maicon Santos, Dominic Oduro

Third Period

GK Trialist

D Caleb Konstanski, Eric Robertson, McKenzie, John Gallagher

M Sam Archer, Videira, Paladini, Atouba

F Rolfe, Oduro


  • Logan Pause got the start at right back. Expect him to get a long look at this position in camp with Larentowicz and Lindpere expected to carry the bulk of the playing time at center midfield.
  • Two unnamed trialists saw action in the match. A goalkeeper and a midfielder who played on the right side.
  • Superdraft pick Yazid Atouba was active and showed well for himself.
  • Rich Balchan came into the match at right back in the second period.
  • Steven Kinney got playing time at centerback. A position that he was looked at in training last season after returning from injury.
  • Both Lindpere and Santos hit the post with shots in the first and second periods respectively.
  • Tony Walls is no longer in camp and will likely be waived.
  • Paolo Tornaghi did not play as he continued to recover from offseason finger surgery.
  • The Fire’s next match is Wednesday against the Columbus Crew in Bradenton, Florida.


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  • Wasn't at all impressed with Colin Rolfe. Thought Atouba was solid, and open tryout winner Sam Archer had some nice moves. Balchan did well and was liberal in his overlapping runs, and the unnamed midfield trialist impressed me as well.

  • The first unit kind of looked sluggish compared to the second unit showed some life in the 2nd period. Not a big fan of Alex starting out wide and is more of center mid coming off the bench IMO. It will be interesting to see if this Atouba rookie gets more minutes to showcase his talent. Also, the battle between Kinney and Balchan for a roster spot. Where was Paulo Tornaghi? Was he a scratch in the lineup?

  • He's just getting back into training after having hand surgery in the offseason.

  • Thanks for the updates! :-)
    The start of the season isn't far away which makes this winter go by faster!

    Where is Nyarko? I hope he is ok and returns to our starting lineup!

    I feel we will have a good season with big red and linpere joining the team.

  • Nyarko was left out of yesterday's lineup so he could get additional rest, according to the Fire Game Notes release. Tells you how banged up he was after last season. I'd expect to see him get minutes on Wednesday vs. Columbus.

    On a different note, it appears Kellen Gulley is looking at a loan somewhere this season. He's currently in New York, and Anthony Zilis said today via Twitter that both he and Frank Klopas talked about a full season loan this year for him. Should do him some good.

    Lastly....for those of you who've followed the Red Priests and/or Guillermo and I on the podcast circles, our newly re-vamped Fire Confidential Podcast was just announced today as part of the NASN (North American Soccer Network) family. has shows like Howler Radio, The Best Soccer Show, Nos Audietis, Radio Cuju, and a host of others.

    We're available on iTunes, Stitcher, and via Our episodes will post on Monday's, but will be available via as well.

    [/Shameless plug] :)


    Looks like GR's scarf-etouffee is on hold for the foreseeable future. Damn, I had such high hopes!

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    first Sneijder now Drogba. Gala going big time

  • I really hope Pause isn't our right back this season. He's definitely not the future at that position.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    I second that. I have lots of respect for Pause, but I don't see him as the kind of right back we really need.

    But Frank is left with tough decisions. I personally liked Gargan on the right, but I guess he wasn't the right fit for the team - water under the bridge. Makes me wonder if Wells Thompson could play back there. We have such glut of midfielders, from "seasoned pros" (Pause, Thompson, Lindpere, Larentowicz, Nyarko, Paladini) and young guys (Alex, Videira, Atouba, "Trialist" - who for all we know is Steven Gerrard NOT)... The locker room dynamics are going to be tough for Frank to balance, I think.

    And what about forward? I'm sure Rolfe has a healthy ego, but the other guys - Santos, Macdonald, Oduro - seem to wear theirs on their sleeves a little more. Can't keep them all happy (as Oduro's made clear).

  • fb_avatar

    Looking at the first period lineup, I'd (unsurprisingly) say Klopas will go with a 4-4-2 (primarily) to open the season, and this is what it will look like:

    Anibaba, Berry, Friedrich, Segares

    Nyarko, Larentowicz, Lindpere, Alex

    Rolfe, MacDonald

    Pause should fill a spot starter/bench role at right back & d-mid.

    Yes, Alex is historically more suited for center-mid, but he's young, can learn, and seems capable on the wing - especially if Klopas wants to press and attack. Now, if the Fire snag Dilly Duka, maybe that puts him at left wing instead.

    So all that said, we're still left wondering about the starting left wing and defensive depth. Which, again, is not surprising. Still enough time to work these issues out though. It's early.

    - Scott Fenwick

  • In reply to ManOn TheFire:

    That's the starting XI I would go with right now.

  • Was there any truth to the Fire losing out on this guy? Can't say I'm too upset that they didnt sign another defensive mid...especially an expensive one.

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    Don't think so. He wanted to stay at Dortmund, don't think there was anything solid behind it.

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    That rumor was/is nonsense.

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