Fire international spots open up

Last week Frank Klopas alluded to not having a problem with international spots this season despite trading away two slots in the last two weeks and now we know why the coach wasn’t concerned. The Fire announced today that defender Arne Friedrich has received his green card and will no longer occupy one of the club’s six available international roster positions. Combined with the retirement of Pavel Pardo this weekend the Fire now have three open foreign player spots.

Currently Sherjill MacDonald, Paolo Tornaghi, and Alex occupy international roster slots. Friedrich’s green card status gives the Fire some flexibility in pursuing foreign players and also gives Superdraft selection Yazid Atouba a bit more of a chance to stick with the big club if he performs well in training camp.

The Fire have made some pretty solid moves early in 2013. Losing Pardo’s leadership is a bit of a setback but they should be better on the pitch with Jeff Larentowicz and Joel Lindpere now on the roster.


As expected, the Fire announced that Corben Bone has been re-signed and the options for Alex and Mike Videira have been picked up. The club also formally announced that Guillermo Franco is no longer with the team. For more on what might be in store for Bone check out the latest episode of the Red Priests podcast.

The MLS Supplemental Draft will take place tomorrow afternoon. The Fire have three selections (30, 49, and 68).


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  • Hey give me one big signing this year before the season start and I'm happy...

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    So far, so good from Klopas/Leon/Petrei. If the Fire can snag a quality left winger, and Balchan turns out to be a solid utility man in back, I'll have to give Chicago an A this off-season. But, that's still a big "if."

    - Scott

  • Hey Guillermo, any news on whether the fire would be interested in Freddy Adu?

  • In reply to mintyfresh315:

    I believe the answer to that would be a huge no.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    if the price is right, currently i think he's too high to take a rish on...

  • The Fire announce a 10 day training stint for Corben Bone at Atletico Madrid....

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Corbin Bone? Ok it's official, these trials are meaningless.

  • ok so 3 foreign spots open, but how much cap room left? i'm guessing not a lot for 3 foreign players

    that being said, getting one solid foreigner would be good enough. definately have a solid core team and some depth up the middle. still would like to see a starting or backup right fullback (i know pause can fill in there if needed) as well as another striker and a winger

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    It's nearly impossible to tell how much actual cap space is open for any particular team because we don't know what they have in allocation availability. Moving Fernandez clears up some space even with the two most recent additions. Three expensive (by MLS standards) foreign players isn't likely it looks like they can add 1 big one.

  • It looks like Tony Walls is no longer in camp with the Fire.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I saw his Tony Walls on the Fire's main page saying that everyone has the flu in MKE which I assume is Milwaukee? So defenders on the staff are: Friedrich, Berry, Segares, Jumper, Anibaba? Oh and I guess Kinney as well...what's up with him?

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    Kinney is there and he'll compete for a spot.

  • Fire selections in the Supplemental Draft.....

    John Gallagher LB Penn St.
    James Belshaw GK Duke
    Caleb Konstanski D Indiana

  • Konstanski looks solid. Has played every match for IU over his Jr & Sr. years, was team captain as a senior. Can play CB or DM.

    On face value, the tech staff made some good picks here.

  • The Fire should go for Alejandro Bedoya. He's out of contract and he's a winger. Are there any rumors on wher he might end up? My guess is he wants nothing to do with Scotland after the Rangers fiasco.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Sounds Iike he's fishing for a best possible offer in Europe at the moment.

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