Fire interested in Crew's Duka

It was a hot rumor a few weeks ago on Superdraft day and a little more fuel was thrown on the fire (bad pun inserted) today when Frank Klopas confirmed that the club is still interested in disgruntled Columbus midfielder Dilly Duka. “There was talks with them during the draft. I think they’re looking to move him and we have an interest in the player,” said Klopas during his weekly media conference call. “There’s a lot of rumors out there but we did talk to Columbus about (Duka) but that’s something that might get finalized or it might not,” he said of the Fire’s efforts to facilitate a trade with Columbus. “There’s still talks going on,” he continued. “With every move we make we want to make sure it’s the right move and in the best interests of our club. With us, all those things need to add up and we need to make decisions that not only  make sense right now but also long term,” said Klopas.

Duka’s guaranteed compensation was $243,000.00 last season and his 2013 salary appears to be a hang up for interested clubs.

D day for some players 

Klopas will use the match against Columbus on Wednesday morning to get another look at players chosen in the supplemental draft and there may be some cuts this week. One of the draftees who won’t be released this week is second round pick Yazid Atouba. The rookie showed some flashes on Sunday but Klopas feels there’s room for improvement. “He’s a talented player but he’s got to start playing with more structure. He listens and takes a lot in,” said Klopas. Atouba has a lot “individual ability” and will have chance to improve on decision making and movement without the ball during the next phase of camp.

Centerback Rauwshan McKenzie, whose rights are owned by Chivas USA will also make it to the next camp. Klopas would like to see more against other MLS competition before making a decision on his status.

Streaming Pre-Season action

The match against the Crew on Wednesday at 10:30 am will be streamed live at  Kudos should go to the Fire for making live video of at least 5 of 7 preseason matches available for fans. The other two will have audio coverage. I haven’t checked the numbers but I’d venture to say that’s more preseason access than just about every other MLS club.

Johnson starts for USA

Sean Johnson earned his first start for the US Men’s National Team in a senior match tonight. Johnson got the call against Canada in a friendly played in Houston.

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  • I have creditve to give credit where credit is due. There were serious complaints last year and the year before about the lack of coverage and the late announcement of the schedule. So far this year, MLS and the Fire have been very professional. I am pleased. On the schedule front did you see that UEFA is thinking about changing the schedule for leagues in Europe to run from the end of January to the Fall. I heard that tonight. Before you know it, Europe will have MLS's schedule!!!

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Its about time the rest of the world conformed to the MLS schedule. Now they just need to implement the salary cap and allocation money and finally do away with promotion/relegation. ;)

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Interesting - apparently Rumenigge is leading the charge on this:,-fifa-mull-season-schedule-shift,-bayern-chief-says?cc=5901

    I wonder how much of this goes back to the Qatar WC winter scheduling fiasco. I don't remember hearing anything like this before FIFA woke up and realized that playing a major international tournament in a desert summer might not be a great idea.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    OK, duh, I didn't even read far enough in the article I posted to see that it is linked: "Rummenigge suggested that any change in scheduling for Qatar could be used to make permanent changes to soccer's calendar." My bad.

  • Tornaghi, Nyarko, and Santos will not appear in today's match vs. Columbus. That and other news in today's Game Notes.

  • Fire drop a 2-1 decision to the Crew this morning......

    Things probably don't look good for GK Neil Kitson but Yazid Atouba scored the Fire's only goal. He'll be an intriguing one to watch during the next phase of camp.

  • The Fire signed Brendan King? Not too excited considering his team thought so highly of him they let him out of his contract for free. Does this mean no Duka? Wouldn't mind having him buy taking way to long so it seems Duka is overplaying his hand.

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    I wouldnt totally rule out Duka but Columbus will probably need to pick up a chunk of his salary which they don't seem willing to do. Duka at $200k isn't worth the cap hit.

  • Where in the midfield does King play?

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