Fernandez loan finalized

After a couple of weeks filled with speculation and photo opportunities in Qatar, the Alvaro Fernandez loan deal to Al-Rayyan has been finalized. In the press release Fire President of Soccer Operations Javier Leon cited Fernandez’ desire to improve his standing in the Uruguayan National Team picture as a big factor in the move. “Flaco was interested in exploring options abroad in search of national team playing time and this situation allows him that opportunity,” said Leon.

It should be noted that Al Rayyan’s manager Diego Aguirre has a history with Fernandez and is close to Uruguayan National Team coach Oscar Tabarez. The thought of advancing with his country’s national side via Qatar may seem a bit odd at first glance but Fernandez will have an opportunity to play for a coach he has a history with and has ties to the national side while escalating his salary. If he plays well enough to earn a longer stay and increase his compensation the Fire will benefit from a possible buy out option.

It’s possible Fernandez returns to the Fire after the initial six month loan to Al-Rayyan expires but it seems they are preparing to move forward without him. The club is looking at different options at the left midfield spot. Moving Fernandez also leaves the Fire with one occupied designated player spot on the active roster and frees up salary budget space.


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  • If he's interested in national team time, and Chicago/Seattle weren't providing that for him, tough to see him returning.

  • I wouldn't assume a loan opens up the DP spot. It didn't for Flaco on the proposed Seattle -> Colombia loan.

  • In reply to iron81:

    Not an assumption.....it does. I'm not sure what the circumstances were with Seattle.

  • Fire have announced a loan move for Federico Puppo in 2013. He'll be safely tucked away in Ecuador with LDU Quito all season.

  • Guillermo, Does the Fire receive cash for such loans, which I think is the norm, and is that payment substantial and more importantly, does it translate into allocation money? Puppo's loan may be a negative payment depending on if the Fire pick up part of his contract, but Flaco and Quatar should be worth some money. Any idea of the sums involved?

  • In reply to Celt:

    I don't know what the actual dollars figures are for the loans but there is a cash amount that translates into allocation money which can be used to increase the salary budget. It's not clear what the formula is for cash to allocation....I doubt we'll get a concrete answer on that. The Flaco loan could be very beneficial.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I believe that it goes like this. For the majority of players, the club gets 2/3rds of the transfer fee and the league gets 1/3rd. Of the club's portion, the first 500k counts as allocation money and the rest goes to the FO. The club's cut is less for recent SuperDraftees and more for homegrown players.

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