Fire v Red Bulls match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Gargan, Anibaba, Berry, Segares

M Nyarko, Pause, Pardo, Pappa, Grazzini

F Oduro

Bench: Tornaghi, Jumper, Paladini, Robayo, Barouch, Puppo, Rolfe

Red Bulls

GK Meara

D Barklage, Holgersson, Conde, Miller

M Richards, Solli, McCarty, Pearce, Lindpere

F Cooper

Bench: Vuolo, Keel, Lade, Ballouchy, Borrajo, Palsson, Arteaga


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  • Fire lead 1-0 at the half....pretty good effort so far.

  • Oh man Chris Rolfe is a difference maker. They just turned it on as soon as he appeared. Nice win and nice to get a couple goals after getting ripped off.

  • In reply to Madvora:

    Rolfe is indeed a difference maker.....let's just hope he stays healthy the rest of the way.

  • fb_avatar

    You think Rolfe can have this much impact the rest of the year?

    Chicago 3 - NYRB 1 - Ref 1

    We still won.

  • nyarko had a FANTASTIC match start to finish

    rolfe definately changed the match once he came in - he definately knows where to be and when to be there.

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Agree totally on both counts.

  • Ecstatic with the win. All I can say about the no-goal call is that we're back even with the soccer gods following the bad call that went our way with the Pappa goal v FCD. Watched the game on TV and the video was awful. Not sure what they can do about the shadow but the camera man kept losing the ball. There were times the camera didn't pan left to follow the play. Very frustrating.

  • so what was with grazzini storming off into the locker room after he was subbed? maybe a precoursor into the team not picking up his option? just curious.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    I would have asked him but he didn't stick around for the media after the match.

  • Solid game for the most part.
    Maybe Grazzini storming off could be he's mad at himself.
    He started off strong but seem to lose it the longer the game went.
    Perhaps he may not be the midfielder we need. He needed to be subbed out. More energy when Rolfe came in. For a short while in the second half it looked like it was headed for a tie. Thought Pappa had a decent effort and in the second half the Fire played as a team, haven't seen that for awhile.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    I still hope they pick up his option. To me he is still the link between the mids and the forwards. You can see that everyone in the back looks to get the ball to Grazzini asap. And you can just see that talent on the ball that he has compared to most others on the team.

    But I too was a bit discouraged watching him get subbed off and not being happy.

  • In reply to KChance:

    He's still an extremely important piece of the puzzle. Talented #10's are probably the hardest position to fill in MLS and it would a horrendous move to let him walk.

  • fb_avatar

    You think it's too big of an ask to give that role to Rolfe?

  • In reply to waam:

    Klopas has been pretty adamant that Rolfe is a forward and not a midfielder and I agree with him on that. Asking him to move into a center mid role where he'll draw more contact is probably an invitation for injury. He's best suited as an underneath forward IMO.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Have to agree with you on this, Guillermo. I don't see Rolfe as the playmaker type.

    He did a decent job on the wing before his Denmark sojourn, and I understand why he was moved there after his rookie season. That helped him develop a lethal outside shot (which he displayed last night, if unsuccessfully) that only makes him more dangerous as a underlying forward. I am very happy that Klopas sees that as his role, where I think we get more bang for our buck out of him.

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