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The Fire, MLS, and.....Lego?

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Thanks to Fire team writer Jeff Crandall for pointing out this, um gem.  The video brings new meaning to the term “soccer nerd”.   For some reason Patrick Nyarko gets beat down but they’ve got the Fire theme song blaring after every goal accompanied by fancy graphics.  There’s even a must see (SPOILER ALERT!) man of... Read more »

Post Christmas Links and Rumors

The transfer season is approaching and rumors are starting to circulate.  The Fire are notoriously tight lipped about interest in players overseas but things should heat up after the first of the year.  Here are a few stories to keep things going until news breaks regarding signings, new kits, sponsors, and the alleged release of... Read more »

Pappa Says Holland Is A Possibility

According to this article out of Guatemala Marco Pappa now says that a move to FC Twente is a possibility.  When asked directly if he was going to play for Twente in Holland Pappa responded, “I said before that those were rumors but right now I’m saying there are possibilities.  There’s nothing for sure but... Read more »

You Can't Beat Soccer For X-Mas

Okay, so those new City of Chicago flag jerseys probably aren’t going to become a reality anytime soon but if you’re looking for Fire/soccer related X-mas gifts for that special footie addict in the family I’m here to throw out a few suggestions.  The Fire will don new kits for the 2012 season, although those... Read more »

Fire Will Return To Florida For Preseason Training

The Fire announced today that the club will return to Ave Maria, Florida for a second consectuive preseason.  Players are set to report for training on January 17 before departing for Florida to begin preparations for the 2012 season.  The team will train on the campus of Ave Maria University from January 20 through February... Read more »

Back To Soccer.....

Now that my fun time in warmer climates is over with we can get back to the business of “slinging some soccer” as our favorite local PR guy is known to say.  It’s been an active last two weeks with roster moves, the Re-Entry draft, and more.  A recap of the recent Fire related headlines leaves much... Read more »