Once Again For Good Measure

Still fun to watch……


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  • Diego Guitterez' goal in the '98 MLS Cup final is #38 in MLSsoccer.com's Top 50 MLS Cup moments.

    They also have a poll up asking "What was the best Chicago Fire team of all time?"


  • Here is the scenario for the Fire to make the playoffs. There really is only one part that is a big stretch and that is making up the goal differential with NNYRB. The Fire need to beat the Crew. Timbers need to lose or tie twice. DC needs tie or lose to EITHER Portland or Sporting Kansas City. NYRB need to lose to the Union. Here ishe hard part: The Fire neeed to overcome a goal difference with New York of 5 goals. Ouch! If there is anything we can count on, it is that Petr Novack hates New York and will want to crush the last bit of dignity out of that franchise (unless the league office makes a phone call). Maybe the Crew will figure they cannot catch Philly and will rest their regulars allowing us to score at will. Who knows?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Yep....goal differential is going to be the killer if it gets that far. I thought those two late goals allowed against the Revs at home were going to be huge if they got into a tie breaker situation.

    Losing out on goal differential is a tough way to go down.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    I have to say to all those possibilities: GOOD LUCK!!! Not mention giving away two goals at home NE along with the Chivas USA game.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    i'm with novack. even if the Fire cannot make it in, i'd rather see portland get in over NYRB

  • So...some Premier League owners want to do away with promotion and relegation? Does this mean MLS fans will finally stop talking about relegation if it happens? Doubtful.....


  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    This would ruin the epl for me. there would be no point in watching anyone outside the title challengers, which consist of three clubs.

  • i had to watch this on my dvr because was at a wedding saturday night. So get to the pk and I like son of a b... then I'm like this one is getting erased. I fast forwarding to the end and boom I see a goal from Fire, I laught because enjoy seeing DC fans look stund, but than I like well its over and season done, go in fast forward and boom see another goal, at this point I'm jumping up and down and pretty much this time I'm stund. I probably watch the ending 3 times just for fun. Took me back to the Columbus road game but this one was better. Anyway tall order for next week but will enjoy going to the last game of this season...

  • Which Fire team would you consider the best: 1998, 2003, or 2009?

  • In reply to colton:

    Really hard for me to vote for any team other than the '98 version.

  • In reply to colton:

    The 2000 team was the best one.

  • In reply to milicz:

    They were really good too but I have to go with the one that won the trophies.

  • In reply to colton:

    I'd have to go with the 2000 one also. They didn't win MLS Cup. But they did win the Open Cup. They tied for the Supporters Shield though lost out on the tie breaker to KC. And they made it to MLS Cup though they lost to KC. KC rode a strong defense and a renaissance year from Tony Meola, giving up only 29 goals in 32 games.

    We had offensive firepower scoring the most goals in the league behind the likes of Razov (18 goals), Wolff, Nowak, Stoichkov, and Beasley.

    We had tough defensive minded midfielders like Armas, Gutierrez, Dema, and Marsh.

    And in the back, we went with three with Kubik, Bocanegra (rookie of year), and CJ Brown playing great. Thornton of course in goal.

    And perhaps most importantly they knocked off the Lothar Mattheus "led" New York teams in both the Conference Finals and the Open Cup Final. :)

    That team was a pure joy to watch and did accomplish plenty too. They get my vote.

  • In reply to chlade:

    Oops, my mistake, they beat Miami in the US Open Cup final, not New York.

  • fb_avatar

    Should have won one trophy in 08 or 09.

  • For me it's a tough call. In 1998 the team saw spectacular success, but the 2003 team won the shield and the Open Cup. I guess those two just come down to personal preference of the shield or MLS Cup. I would rather see a season where the Fire have the best record than one like this even if we went on to win the cup. I think the team in 2008 and 2009 was just as good, if not better than those earlier teams. Led by two legendary players like McBride and Blanco, one of the best defenses in the league, and guys like Nyarko, Pappa, Rolfe, Thorrington, Mapp and Pause to fill it out, this is a team that should have done great things. Too bad. Overall I think 2003 is the best team the Fire had simply for the shield and the cup.

  • On something completely different, I'm quoting from the Anti-Human
    Trafficking Newsletter (Aug, 11 issue) about our favorite country
    "Qatar is the richest nation in the world with a 2010 per capita income of $88,000. Just 6% of the working population of Qatar is Qatari- their economy and their ability to deliver the World Cup is totally dependent on severe exploitation of migrant labor which we believe to be barely above forced labor conditions.
    A huge migrant labor force with very few rights, no access to any unions, very unsafe practices, and inhumane living conditions will be literally putting their lives on the line to deliver the 2022 World Cup."

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    All under the guide of FIFA's altruistic farce claim that they have the best interests of the game in mind by spreading football across the globe.

  • Klopas on ExtraTime Radio.........


  • The first domino needs to fall tomorrow night when DC plays Portland. It would be nice if both lost, but that's impossible. Best result is a tie. With a tie, then NYRB/PHI game would be the next domino to be played on Thursday. Let's say, Philly thrashes NYRB 4-0. Its possible because let's face it, Novack does not want to see NYRB in the playoffs. Plus, he gets, homefield guaranteed and gets us in. All pluses to him. If that happens and the Fire win 2-0 (its possible, c'mon be positive), then there is one more domino to fall. Portland has to play RSL at Rio Tinto. That game starts 30 minutes after the Fire game. Can you imagine watching the last 30 minutes of that game on the big screen at Toyota Park with the result making the difference of whether the Fire make the playoffs? That would be really fun. It would be great seeing the players watching that game with the fans. OK, maybe my head is in the sands, but 4 weeks ago, none of us would have thought we had a chance to be talking about the playoffs on the last day of the season, and yet here we are. Maybe its meant to be?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Here's hoping. Let the universe align if Fire's favor...

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