New York Wins - Fire Eliminated From Playoffs

The New York Red Bulls got an 8th minute goal from Dane Richards (officially ruled an own goal) and held on to defeat the Philadelphia Union 1-0 thereby eliminating the Fire from the 2011 MLS playoffs.  While it was always a longshot for qualification, the Fire were hoping that results would continue to fall their way after DC and Portland drew last night.  Saturday night’s match against Columbus now only represents a chance to play for pride and a .500 record.


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  • Good run in the last 1/3 of the season for the Fire, too bad things didn't come together just a bit sooner, might not have needed to rely on the fortunes/misfortunes of other teams. Still worth holding onto some hope that next year we come out of the gate much stronger. Definitely a stronger squad to finish the season than what we started with. Play for pride on Saturday, look forward to 2012!

  • Yeah, it's too bad but making up 5 goals in one weekend wasn't going to happen. The Fire just weren't very good most of the year, but the way they have played down the stretch (once the team was assembled the way it should have been to start the year) gives some hope for next year. Here's hoping the rebuilding is pretty much over.

  • Disappointing, but kind of inevitable. the last third of the season definitely leaves hope for next year though. If Grazzini's form continues through next season, he will be an MVP candidate and the FIre will compete for the top of the east.

  • In reply to colton:

    Hopefully a full off season and training camp will help him avoid the hamstring injuries that have plagued him since joining the team as well because the Fire are a much different team with him on the pitch.

  • The combination of Grazzini and Pardo in the middle makes the Fire a very strong team with the ball. Their vision and playmaking ability was the difference. You could see how Pardo was a coach on the field coordinating the back and Grazzini was the visionary in the final third. Next year could be a great year. The interesting thing will be the re-entry draft that GR pointed out yesterday and who the Fire protect in the expansion draft. Also, will the Fire keep Frank as manager or will they try and get a new manager leave Frank as Technical Director? I would like to see a big name brought in as coach like Eric Wynalda. He loves the Fire, but does he have the ability to coach at this level?

  • Very surprising and SBJ reporting that Fox and Telemundo have won the 2018 and 2022 english and spanish language TV broadcast rights for the World Cup.

    ESPN and Univision will televise 2014 WC.

    Begs the question regarding MLS tv rights after the current deals expire.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Didn't NBC and its soon to be rebranded Versus channel win the rights to MLS starting next year? How long does that deal last?

  • i wonder what the starting line up for Saturday will be?

  • NBC deal lasts until 2014, if memory serves.

    I think it's horrible that Fox won the bid. Equally horrible that Telemundo won the bid. At least with ESPN and Univision they each have multiple channels to show games which are going on simultaneously.

  • In reply to Fuegofan:

    Correct....NBC deal runs to 2014.

    My first thought is disappointment that ESPN didn't get it but there's a long way to go before 2018.

  • In reply to Fuegofan:

    Not really horrible considering FOX is a national channel and the ratings will be even more through the roof for WC games. This will hopefully mean that FSC will be in HD by then...

    During the WC they never have multiple games at the same time so that doesn't matter.

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    We can only hope they handle it correctly. Their past experience will help them, since they are the biggest benefactors of learning from their OWN MISTAKES. Champions League final in Minnesota was a debacle.

  • While it's not impossible that Fox won simply by paying more (money always seems to convince the FIFA people), presumably and hopefully they also actually put in a strong, interesting bid. Like most people, my first reaction was negative. Even though I have FSC at my house, it's still not basic cable, whereas ESPN has a bunch of channels. But Fox makes some deals, shows games on FX, offers free web access to cable subscribers... then it might be ok. Hopefully they have a plan.

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