Fire v Sounders : US Open Cup Final Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Gargan, Mikulic, Gibbs, Segares

M Pause, Paladini, Pardo, Pappa

F Nyarko, Oduro

Bench: Conway, Anibaba, Videira, Husidic, Grazzini, Barouch, Chaves

Sounders FC

GK Keller

D Riley, Hurtado, Parke, Gonzalez

M Alonso, Evans, Fernandez, Neagle

F Montero, Fucito

Bench: Ford, Scott, Wahl, Friberg, Jaqua, Ochoa, Levesque


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  • Team is Missing Grazzini...

  • Grazzini for Paladini, please.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    No doubt....need to get Grazzini into this match to change the flow.

    The Fire are fortunate to be level at the half.

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    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    If I hear the Graz was able to play, but didn't. I WILL BE PISSED!

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    Dang it. Should have played this one in Chicago. Shouldn't US Soccer have a policy in place where you can't play two Finals at the same place in a row? Or something to prevent something like this? Or else, we will be playing Finals in Seattle for 10 straight years.

  • In reply to waam:

    It's an interesting dilemma. The USOC home games are decided by blind bids and it's going to be impossible to outbid Seattle for these matches.

  • The game was over before it even started, as soon as Paladini
    was listed as starting. Don't know whats going through Klopas's mind, if he has one, putting Paladini in as an attacking midfielder.
    If he doesn't know that Paladini sucks at that position, he has no business being coach.
    He should have put in Chaves or Barouch in at forward and put Nyarko at midfielder, or maybe Chaves at midfield, would have done a better job than Paladini, and leave Nyarko on top.
    Klopas has no imagination at all. Paladini pretty much stiffled
    any attack the Fire had by poor passing. Thought Johnson, Pardo, and Gargan were outstanding.

  • The move to wait until the last five minutes to bring in Grazzini is puzzling to say the least. If he was fit enough to play 5 minutes he certainly should have been fit enough to play 20. Odd.

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