Crew, FC Dallas Out ; Seattle on the Ropes

Columbus and FC Dallas have already been eliminated and the Seattle Sounders FC are on the ropes after being thoroughly outplayed by Real Salt Lake in a 3-0 loss.  The Fire may not be participating in post season but the results so far have to at least bring a small smile to the faces of most Fire supporters.

The Fire will continue training until November 11 with most of the squad still intact.  Full season player ratings will be up soon.  In the meantime there’s still Los Angeles v New York, Houston v Philadelphia, and Sporting KC v Colorado on tap for tonight.  I like the Galaxy to finally begin putting the Red Bulls out of their misery with a 2-1 victory.  Philadelphia to edge Houston 1-0 and Sporting-Colorado to finish in a 1-1 draw.

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  • marquez and juninho are both out for the rematch. marquez for throwing the ball and landon donovan, and juninho retaliated with a punch at marquez and connected with keel instead. both rec'd post-match red cards (as they were still on the field when this happened)

  • upon watching the replays, i actually dont think juninho threw a punch - it actually looks to me like marquez threw some punches at christman, and marquez elbow on the wind-up hit his own teammate keel in the mouth

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    The replay does however unquestionably show that Marquez is an idiot.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    marquez or not, i just cannot stand the NYRB , so i will enjoy watching them fail yet again despite having one the leagues highest payrolls

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Is it me or did I see Solli DJing at halftime while he was serving a red card? Why would the team and Hans Backe let him get away with that? IMO, that is a slap in a face and there is a time and a place. Imagine if a MLB, NFL or NBA player performing between breaks if his suspension.

  • Is it me or did I see Solli DJing at halftime while he was serving his suspension with a red card? Why would the team and Hans Backe let him get away with that? IMO, that is a slap in a face and there is a time and a place. Imagine if a MLB, NFL or NBA player performing between breaks during his suspension.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Solli actually is a DJ. He spins at some of the big New York clubs and actually has a reputation in Europe as a pretty good DJ. I don't have too much of a problem with it at halftime but he probably should be in the locker room with his teammates. Backe has shown, pretty much all year that he is clueless.

  • Calen Carr scored the game winner for Houston today in their 2-1 win over the Union. Good for Carr.....great guy.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    agree - good for carr. he had a tough year wth injury

    still glad chicago made the trade tho.

  • At the beginning of last year it was known that only Andy H had enough and the team could be bought for a certain amount. I hope and pray that someone with pure desire to win buys the team. Chicago is a great soccer community but since Old Andy dipped his spoiled toes in the real competitive world of professional soccer it has been somewhat more than he could handle. I know that the team made a good run but lets just ask ourselves will other upper divisions coaches let old oduro get behind his defense on a rugular basis. The two guys that I believe have a good future in the league are the first round draft pick from last year and the goalie. Other than that the team was made up of guys that have either playing their last years of soccer or not good enough to make the Fire a upper division MLS team. Guillermo has done a great job as the leader of this blog I have enjoyed all of the comments.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Thanks Broker. I think they're a little better than just Anibaba and Johnson at this point though. Thanks for always sharing your opinions...much appreciated.

  • Fire Goal of the Year voting is now up.......

  • GR, this might be a silly question -- but why are the Fire still training? Is it strictly a contract thing and they have to be around here anyways until the full MLS season is over? Or something else? I don't remember them having this wind-down session, but maybe i wasn't paying enough attention... and maybe it's because they're usually still PLAYING right now, ha.

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    It's not unusual RedLine...they did the same thing last season despite not making the playoffs. Most teams have continued training as well (Crew is still training) and I do believe it is a contractual obilgation that the club can choose to exercise.

  • interesting, thanks for the answer. Do you know why they do that? These practices must be a bit unenthusiastic and anti-climactic, no?

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    Yes they are a bit anti-climatic (last season's were pretty bleak) but it does give teams a chance to gather info in making their offseason roster decisions.

  • Fire trying to get Sean Johnson some training time with Manchester United.........

  • Stay tuned for the new All-In podacst over at with me, Sam Stejskal, and host Jeff Crandall weighing in on all things MLS.

  • John Thorrington finished the year somewhat fit in Vancoucer......

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