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It’s a slow newsday (CSN is reporting that Jay Cutler wished Kristin Whateverhernameis good luck on some ridiculous dancing show via twitter) but here are a few random thoughts and stories related to things that matter.

  • The Columbus Crew currently sit on top of the Eastern Conference with 41 points despite a goal differential of minus 2.  To put that into perspective the Fire’s goal differential this season is minus 4.
  • The Fire Reserves take on FC Dallas in Texas tomorrow morning at 10 am.
  • The Fire’s playoff hopes are still alive (albeit on life support) and the ninth and tenth spots are still up for grabs.  I think Houston is in trouble with only four matches remaining including @FC Dallas, Chicago at home, @Portland, and home against Los Angeles.
  • Jeff Crandall takes a look at Diego Chaves’ first meaningful playing time in quite a while. 
  • Kyle Sheldon, DC United’s Director of Marketing Communications has some sound advice for MLS broadcasters. 
  • In light of my perusal of the MLS playoff picture and the Fire’s remaining schedule I think the Fire will end up missing the playoffs by plus/minus three points.  I also can’t help wondering how different this season would be right now if Sebastian Grazzini had been here from day one. 

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  • Couldn't agree more with that last point you made. The Fire really needed someone like Grazzini from day one to help out in attack as Pause and Videira didn't cut it at all during the first half of the season. Ultimately paying the price for that now.

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    In reply to chicagofireblog:

    You would think now that they did find him, they would keep him a while longer and sign him for a couple years right? It looks and seems as if Graz could easily play for a while, and Pardo has atleast another good year left in him. I would like to see this team give it a go next year with this current lineup, maybe add another supplemental draft defender.

  • The man who's been the key to Seattle's success of late, Mauro Rosales is out 2-4 weeks with a ligament tear and could miss the US Open Cup Final. That game would be the earliest he would return to the lineup.

    If he is indeed out of that match that is a huge break for the Fire.

  • The open cup will be the 4th game in 10 days and 3rd away game is anyone worried about this? Could spell trouble. I think Klopas will have some really hard decision to make...

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    Right, but Seattle has an even busier schedule before we get there. It'll be two tired teams playing each other. Should make for stellar soccer.

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    Yep...Seattle also has CCL sprinkled in there for good measure.

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    What hapen to the reserve feed? fire twitter traffic to much?

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    The Fire don't have Crandall or Hannan traveling with the reserve team and FC Dallas is doing a horrid job of updating their twitter feed for the reserve match even though it's a home game for them.

  • I never watched that dancing show but I would like to this time because Hope Solo is on it , but I will not give them any ratings until that sick thing know as Cher's offspring is voted off , ABC should be shames of themselves letting that thing on the air.

  • I am sure they make the playoffs if Grazinni was here the whole year.
    I can not believe they have won 3 in a row at home.
    However , the story of the season is that they lost to bad teams and they did it againin the middle of this good run with a loss to bad San Jose.

  • Actually the Fire is undefeated in their last 5 league home games at 3-0-2. and they have only 2 losses in the last 8 league games overall , so yes , they make the playoffs as a pretty high seed with Grazinni here all year.

  • The Fire look set to announce another international partnership. This one includes Club America, Atletico Madrid, and Brazil's Internacional.


    More soon...

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    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Too bad it wasn't Club America, Barca and Santos.

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