Have Your Say : This Day In 1981

Happy Labor Day everybody.  Here’s another look back at the 1981 Sting courtesy of FireStingDoug:

After defeating the Seattle Sounders in the first round of the playoffs the Sting drew the Montreal Manic in the second round.  Trailing one game to none after Montreal defeated Chicago 3-2 in game one of the series the Sting returned to Wrigley Field for the last playoff game they would ever play in the Friendly Confines and leveled the score.

A 4-2 win in front of 24,648 fans with goals from Arno Steffenhagen (2), Dave Huson, and Karl-Heinz Granitza kept the Sting alive and prolonged the series.


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  • Speculation is circulating that Bob Bradley is going to be named the next manager of Santos Laguna in Mexico. Makes me wonder if the Fire even ever considered speaking to him.

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    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Just a shame. In that case, just give him the money. Mr. Hauptman, are you in this to just own a soccer team, or win something?

  • Orr Barouch starts at forward and plays 68 minutes in the Israeli U-21's 4-1 loss to England.

  • Frank: "Hey I know this guy we should interview for the coaching job."
    Andrew: "Well tell me more about him."
    Frank: "Well, he has a history of winning in the MLS, he had a pretty good run as head coach of the US National Team, and he was and still is loved by the Fire faithful for being the first and most successful coach of the club."
    Andrew: "You had me all the way until the last part. You know that, besides yourself, I'm trying to stay away from the history of this club."
    Frank: "But this guy is perfect and could bring the team back to what it used to be."
    Andrew: "Well let me think about it.......no. I hear this Lalas guy that works for ESPN might be a good choice."

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Why are you under the assumption Bradley wants to come back to MLS, let alone the Fire?

    Why was the assumption ever that Bradley would just all of a sudden come to his senses and want to come here? What about the Fire team on the field or the way the club is run is similar to what Bradley knew or attractive to bring him back?

    Guy's been messed around with for the better part of five years despite positive results at the highest level. If I'm him, I'm relaxing until I find something I want to do and I doubt the Fire is it right now, save MLS at the moment.

  • Just another typical crazy Sting playoff series ... 3 games, 17 goals, big crowds and Lee Stern running around screaming the refs missed on off-sides on a Gordie Hill goal and how a Montreal player should have been red-carded for elbowing Dieter Ferner in the head.

    But boy was it entertaining!

    The loss in Montreal was a stunner. Despite missing Pato (injured) and Arno (red card suspension from Seattle game), the Sting jumped to a 2-0 lead including a 45-yarder by Ingo Peter that quieted the 58,000 fans in Montreal. But Montreal fought back. The back breaker was an astro-turf goal that harmlessly was rolling toward Ferner only to hit the lip of the pitcher's mound and bounced over the GK's shoulder into the net - and setting Stern off again. I recall Stern and Montreal's owner going at it about the stadiums. Stern called Olympic Stadium a $300 stadium with a dime turf while Montreal's owner called Wrigley a dump for having such small locker rooms.

    Arno made up for the red-card in game two scoring twice as the Sting won easily before a big crowd at Wrigley setting the stage for game 3 which ended with ... Sorry, I'll leave that for FireStingDoug to provide the details.

  • Fire play their final home match of the 2011 Reserve season today at Toyota Park practice field at 10 am against Real Salt Lake.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Do the reserves need a win to get into the playoffs?

  • WIth four games left in the reserve league schedule the Fire are in first place in the Central/Mountain Division so they're not in a do or die position.

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