Chivas 1 Fire 0 - Post Game

Chivas De Guadalajara defeated the Fire 1-0 on the strength of a second half free kick beauty from Jorge Mora.  Despite the loss the Fire’s starting eleven acquitted themselves pretty well against a good Chivas side.  The crowd of 18,224 mostly Chivas supporters saw a decent first 45 minutes followed by a parade of substitutions in the second half.  There’s not much to be gained or learned in late season friendly matches like these and Frank Klopas seemed reasonably happy to escape injury free.  The next match against Chivas USA on Saturday will count although both teams are seemingly out of the MLS playoff hunt.


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    We're out of the playoffs. It doesn't hurt to make some money at the end of the year. We need it lol.

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    True......but if the Fire were in the middle of making a serious run (if they would have beaten DC and SJ) then this friendly would surely have been looked at in a different light.

  • Honestly, this game was pointless. I am not sure that we can totally count ourselves out of the playoffs. Miracles can happen. With that being said, we should have protected ALL our starters and saved them for Saturday's game. I BELIEVE. GO FIRE!!!

  • I have to applaud the optimism but you're right.....a miracle would be required in order to make the playoffs....a big one.

  • I was surprised by how well the combination of Barouch and Pari played on the left side. It seemed we dominated that side of the field while the Chivas reserves attacked our right.

  • I thought Anibaba looked pretty good at right back last night.

  • The club was not embarrassed and from what I remember none of the starters picked up a serious injury. So that in my book is a win.

  • A Blackhawks blog won the CBS MVB poll.......thanks to all who voted for Fire Confidential.

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    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I voted more than a few times. :)

  • In reply to waam:

    i voted many times too, but actually that blackhawks blog is really good too. it's 2nd in my book for local sports blogs, and at least it was still a niche-ish sport in hockey. still wish you won year we need to mount a better voting campaign! :)

  • In reply to Drew:

    Thanks guys!

  • Dasan Robinson is on the move again. TFC has traded him to the Galaxy for defender Kyle Davies.

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