Mid Week Notes

Saturday’s opponent, the Colorado Rapids played to a 1-1 draw against Real Espana in Honduras last night in CONCACAF Champion’s League action.   Their line up included a mixture of reserves and regulars with Jeff Larentowicz, Kosuke Kimura, Wells Thompson and Omar Cummings all seeing considerable minutes.  Travel is an underplayed consideration in MLS and could be a factor on Saturday night.  The Rapids also tied Chivas USA 2-2 this past weekend.

Injury Report

The midweek injury report has been released and the Fire are down to two names.

CHICAGO FIRE — OUT: DF Steven Kinney (L groin strain); MF Marko Maric (L ankle posterior capsulitis)

Jeff Crandall’s latest All-In podcast is also up today with guest Logan Pause.


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  • Wouldn't mind seeing Marko off the DL so we can see what he's got for more than 20 mins.

    Wouldn't mind seeing Kinney off the DL so we can see him back at.....back. Miss him on the pitch, although Gargan has been phenomenal the last few games.

  • i second that...

  • fb_avatar

    Could this be that everything is coming together at last? Health, chemestry, new productive players, luck, and wins?

  • In reply to waam:

    Let's hope so, but I'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon yet after one home win against Toronto.

  • can you ask klopas if he plans on resting key players on saturday in order to field his best team on tuesday?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Yep....should be interesting but I would think he will play his best line up in both. Richmond also has a USL playoff game on Saturday night.

  • Wait! Mikey Banner is no longer hurt? Ce-le-brate good times, come on! I've got a feeling, Guille...

  • If Nyarko can keep up his stellar play, I think we have a great run coming up. He can be made of glass sometimes, though. This could be a defining couple weeks for Klopas.

  • Looks like the heavens have opened up and beer and champagne are flowing with C Cupped Angels from Victorias Secret offering lap dances for free. Come on! 1 win in two months verses arguably the worst team in the league.
    I agree that the team will win a few games the rest of the way, but I bet you still have time to sell those season tickets and buy them back next year cheaper.

  • In reply to bigdog:

    lol, you are correct tho. one win, and we get a little over- enthusiastic. but i think thats because we've seen the team play well, just not with the final result.

    i am under no illusion that the playoffs are in the picture. but the US open cup, thats a definte possibility. remember, the Fire outplayed seattle earlier in the season despite the result. and a draw vs dallas at dallas. so they can play with these teams

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    I have a sense that with the youth of this team, if we can string a few wins, and end the season well, next year, we will be coming in as one of the Eastern favorites. Beat Colorado this week, and Richmond on Tuesday, and the good times will feel like they are back.

  • In reply to waam:

    I wouldn't say Eastern favorites unless we sneak into the playoffs and pull off some upsets. Maybe we'd come in as a sleeper team to watch. For as big a market as Chicago is, I'm surprised and how little attention is paid to the Fire by MLS writers. More grist for the anti-FO crowd I suppose.

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    In reply to Doug:

    Actually, I am surprised you think that. I have many friends and family across the country who are quite jealous at the amount of content and coverage we get. Just to name a couple, Ives and Coor come to mind. Also, they view Chicago as a brand name club by MLS, and even go as far as to think we get preferred treatment by Garber and co. (I know we all know thats not true lol) I know we haven't won much this year, but I think we can all agree we are starting to feel some traction with this club. It couldn't have come soon enough, because there are some of us who really value the US Open Cup. Let's win our 5th Cup and we can truly say we deserve a place among the top 3 clubs in the modern era of US Soccer. When we all start talking and caring about prestige, I would love it if the Fire had a headstart on all these other clubs.

  • In reply to waam:

    You're glass is definitely half full.

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    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I'm a complete optimist! Even if every so often I get pissed lol. Takes a lot to kill us, that's why they call us die hards. ;)

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