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FireStingDoug on the Sting’s first 1981 playoff game:

“The Sting faced the Seattle Sounders at Comiskey Park in front of 14,643 fans and got on the board first on a great give and go between Pato Margetic and Charlie Fajkus.   After Margetic gave the Sting the lead, Seattle scored the next two to go up 2-1.  Steve Daley and Shaun Elliot were the goal scorers.  Seattle featured a great defense so playing from behind against them was not easy.”

“The Sting excelled during the season at long distance strikes and it would be that weapon that turned things around.  Fajkus picked up his second assist of the game with a pass to Ingo Peter, who got by two defenders and unloaded a right footed 30 yard shot into the net past Seattle ‘keeper Paul Hammond to tie the game.”

“I was sitting right behind the goal in which Peter scored and thought I was seeing an instant replay one minute later when the Sting took a 3-2 lead.  On a virtual carbon copy of a play, Peter fed a pass to Karl-Heinz Granitza who fired another 30 yarder past Hammond who seemed totally fooled by both shots.

The Sting held on to win 3-2 and take a 1-0 lead in the series.”



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  • The Sting never made it easy. Seattle led 2-1 late and appeared to go up 3-1 in a goal mouth scramble. Initially the ref called a goal, but the linesman called him over and it was call back for offsides. Peter and Granitza then struck with a little less than 10 minutes to play.

    Seattle had dropped 5 in a row while Coach Hinton was feuding with everyone - including his All-Star GK Jack Brand, who he had benched. I thought a two game sweep was in the bag.

    There's no doubt the Sting's offense was clicking. But I do recall there being concerns with the defense as Roy would say "lapses in concentration". I think they allowed at least two goals in their first 7 playoff games ... go thing the offense stepped it up.

  • In reply to Lewis26:

    I was thinking sweep 2 too but I kept remembering that the Sting never could score at all in the Kingdome.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    The Sting always had trouble in domed stadiums. A quick look through the all-time results, it looks like they were something like a combined 4-16 (including 0-2 in the playoffs) in the Astrodome, Metrodome, Kingdome, Olympic Stadium and Silverdome. It looks like it took them six games before they scored a goal in the Kingdome. The only time they won there was the first time they played there ... winning in penalty kicks 1-0. in 1976.

    Despite all of that, I thought it would be a sweep.

    Seattle was one of the highest paid teams and had been one of the best teams in 1980 ... but limped into the '81 playoffs. Give them credit for forcing a third game.

  • http://www.chicago-fire.com/news/2011/08/mls-trophy-case

    The FIre still have the third most trophies league, that is a positive way to look at the club. ;). Let's win the Open Cup and give us fans something to cheer about again!

  • Is Banner still on injury reserve? He is not list on the injury list...

  • In reply to Adam25:

    He's fit now....that's why he's not on the report this week.

  • so according to this http://www.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2011/08/24/climbing-ladder-strength-schedule-down-stretch
    Fire have the 7th toughest schedule I guess the Fire will not win all the remaing games to get 45 points and make it into the playoffs...

  • Apparently, the F.O. agrees with you.
    Earlier this morning I called the ticket office (I'm a STH) and inquired about tickets for the Open Cup. When I went to the ticket office to buy some tickets they said I didn't need to come to the ticket office because I could use my playoff tickets and they would be scanned at the Open Cup game. Is there a white flag flying over Toyota Park?
    Forgot to check.
    In view that Orr Barouch will be leaving next week for the Israel
    U-21 team, I decided to write an Ode to Orr in his honor

    Ode to Orr Barouch
    Things haven't gone well for the Chicago Fire,
    Turning the hopes and spirits of fans very dire,
    They wonder who would a goal score,
    But let's not forget our forward Orr,
    And there's is Dom not "Damn" Oduro,
    To score along with Orr, our hero,
    Fire fans don't need to get high on no hootch,
    Because we have our own Orr Barouch

  • The outdoor record was bad but the astroturf outdoors was bad for themm too , the only place where turf did not bother them was against the Cosmos and that makes me believe it was a menttal thing because if they could always beat the Cosmos on turf what was the problem against other teams, it also could have been that the Cosmos were the only turf team that played offensive soccer and there was room to work against them

  • I meant to say the dome record was bad indeed but the record on astroturf outdoors was not good either.

  • I understood.

    I know people think we are nuts for talking about a team from 30 years ago, but ... those Sting-Cosmos games certainly were fun. End to end, wide-open attacking soccer ... 4, 5, 6 goals was common.

    While I enjoy watching the Fire (at least most of the time), the teams in the MLS are too similar ... score a goal early and hunker down on defense; defend the one goal lead; pack the box, drop 10 players behind the ball, etc. As a former collegiate defender I enjoy watching a good defensive battle - but certainly miss those wide-open Sting-Cosmos games.

  • People should never think we are nuts for talking about the Sting , people need to respect history and learn from it. Too many people today think there is no history before 1993 and that is wrong.

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