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Another look back from FireStingDoug:

A trip up to Metropolitan Stadium saw the Sting raise their record to 17-7 after defeating the Minnesota Kicks 2-0.

John Tyma and Karl Heinz-Granitz (via another free kick) provided the scoring.  This marked the Sting’s final game in Minnesota against the Kicks.  The franchise folded after the 1981 season.


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  • Julian Posada talks about Manchester United with Crain's...........


  • With the on-going baseball strike, WGN-TV picked up this game ... and proceeded to show the San Diego Chicken at every opportunity!!

    I recall Minnesota dominating the game early, only to be stopped by Dieter Ferner - who likely was playing his best GK to date.

    Karl Heinz's free kick was classic Granitza with a little help from 5'8" GK Tino Lettieri simply being too-short to do anything with the shot.

    I really enjoyed the Sting-Kicks series ... it seemed like every game ended with some controversy with either someone either chasing the ref or needing a police escort off the field. Especially games at the Met. I also enjoyed watching Ace Ntsoelengoe.

    The Sting-Minnesota Strikers rivalry didn't come close to matching the Sting-Kicks series.

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    I heard Ace Ntsoelengoe was a hell of a player in the NASL but was gone too soon in 2006 of heart failure.

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    Barry Wallace of Tulsas passed on , so has Paul Kitson

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    The Kicks rivalry was great indoors too, Kicks never won an indoor game in Chicago .
    No rivalry ever got going with the Strikers outdoors even in the Ft. Lauderdale days , indoors things started to get going somwhat but never really got to be a big rivalry.

  • No all stars on fire roster, pity...

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    No Fire All-stars, no problem. They'll already have played the Red Devils anyway. Let's play the reserves in the league matches to rest the starters for the USOC. I think we can pull a Birmingham/Portsmouth move where we win the cup just before getting relegated (to playoff bystander status).

    Question, if we beat Dallas in the USOC, does it count toward the Brimstone? This could be a more hardware-laden season than we think.

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    I don't believe a USOC win over FC Dallas will count towards recapturing the Brimstone Cup.

  • I hadn't heard that Ntsoelengoe had passed until watching coverage of the 2010 World Cup. Most of the footage was of his days with Toronto when he paired up with Jomo Sono and simply wore "Ace" on the back of his jersey --- but I'll best remember him going toe-to-toe with Frantz Mathieu.

  • I went to all the Sting games I could possibly get to in those days. Also had a block of 5 season tickets for indoor soccer at the old Stadium, about 6th row, just to the right of the penalty box. Used to be really good at underhanding my popcorn bag discreetly out of the crowd onto the opposing players in the penalty box, then jumping up as though looking to see who threw it! Indoor was a "different" game but great fun. The usher was always standing right by me but never caught me.

  • Rapids forward Conor Casey is out 8-10 months with a ruptured achilles tendon. Huge loss for Colorado.

  • so was pardo spotted at practice these past couple days?

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