Have Your Say: This Day in 1981

Another look back from FireStingDoug:

The Sting hosted Vancouver at Wrigley Field in a defensive tussle that saw the Whitecaps cling to a 1-0 lead for 89 minutes.  The home team tied the score late as super-sub John Tyma headed in an Ingo Peter corner kick service to send the game into overtime. 

In the second overtime Peter bombed a long distance shot past Vancouver ‘keeper Barry Siddell to give the Sting a 2-1 win and improve their record on the season to 15-7.  After defeating the New York Cosmos, Calgary Boomers, and Dallas Tornado, and Vancouver the Sting had won their fourth in a row.


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  • As I recall, Vancouver scored that goal early in the match and tried sitting on the lead. They began time-wasting tactics in the first half! They designated one player to take throw-ins on their right side and every time the guy picked up the ball, he would fake a throw to three different teammates before finally putting the ball in play. After seeing this crap for a few throw-ins, it was quite obvious to those of us sitting in the bleachers behind the goal what was going on. We started jeering very loudly every time this guy took a throw-in and the referee eventually gave him a verbal warning. On the very next throw-in, the player blatantly ignored the warning and continued with the time-wasting and the referee booked him. Every subsequent throw-in for Vancouver was taken without any unnecessary delay.

    Siddall was an imposing GK, built like a linebacker. But he was very agile and made some very good saves.

  • In reply to ggorecki:

    Remembering the Sting win over the Whitecaps ... besides the late come-back led by a sub (John Tyma) was that the Sting did it without Granitza (one game suspension for yellow cards) and Margetic (hamstring).

    As for the Whitecaps delay tactics ... I also recall Vancouver playing some really ugly, non-attacking soccer only getting off 3 shots over the last 50 plus minutes.

  • Jack Warner's arrogance of is astounding........


  • More shadiness surrounding Qatar's 2022 bid.........


  • The whistleblower even has a website dedicated to proclaiming, "Hey everybody, I'm a liar and the evil media blew everything out of proportion".............


  • I was at this game. Very exciting. Was this the first game when Tyma started making his name as a super sub?

    Side notes on the new format. I haven't seen how to access the account to add an icon that appears in the comment. The reverse chronological order is OK I guess (though I prefer to start with the oldest ones and move forward). But, I don't like that all the replies show up in the order they appear, even if you're replying to an earlier post.

  • In reply to Doug:

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    Maybe our resident Sting experts FireStingDoug or EHartig can answer the question about Tyma....

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Somehow my login has changed from EHartig to Lewis26 ... not sure how to change it back.

    Regarding Tyma ...the July 12th game was his first appearance for the Sting since May 8.

    John would appear in this game and the next four consecutive for the Sting - but actually started three of those games, including the July 18 game against Minnesota that saw him score his 2nd goal of the year. He would also score off the bench in the regular season finale ... a 5-4 win over Tulsa

  • Vancouver has added a second DP. Gambian striker Mustapha Jarju.....


    pending receipt of his international transfer certificate of course

  • so is the game going to be played tonight? and do you expect klopas to field a strong team since this will be our best shot at silverware this season?

  • Yes and yes....but the game has been moved up to 5pm due to power outages which the fine folks at Com Ed can't seem to fix in a timely manner.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    you beat me to it

  • The game was moved to 5pm beacuse of power outages in bridgeveiw.

  • I suppose a power outage would make it difficult for them to stream the game online huh?

  • In reply to madtown:

    Nevermind, just checked the link in your tweet. Not enough power for the lights, but enough to run everything else I guess?

  • In reply to madtown:

    Yep....webstream is still on and the press box apparently has power ;)

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