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Another look at the 1981 season from FireStingDoug:

With a record of 10-4 the Sting took on the Washington Diplomats at Comiskey Park on June 14, 1981.  The Diplomats (also previously know as the “Dips”) folded after the 1980 season but the NASL moved the former Detroit Express into Washington to start the 1981 season and also named them the Diplomats.  The “new” Diplomats only lasted one season before folding like their predecessors.

After a 3-1 loss to Vancouver on June 10 that was ultimately Phil Parkes’ last game with the team, the Sting lost it’s first regular season match ever at Comiskey Park and their second in a row.  The home team scored first after two great one touch passes from Pato Margetic and Karl-Heinz Granitza sent Arno Steffenhagen in on goal.  Steffenhagen sent a close shot past Washington ‘keeper Jim Brown, who later joined the Sting for the upcoming indoor season. 

The Diplomats scored the last two goals en route to a 2-1 victory that dropped the Sting’s record to 10-5.  Their worst stretch of the 1981 season.


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  • The June 14 game was disappointing

  • In reply to Lewis26:

    Who were the Tv guys that said that about soccer being the sport of the 8000s? I ask because I recall alot of the TV news guys at the time being very favorable to the Sting.
    There however was an real idiot who wrote for the Sun Times sports named John Sculian who tried to really halt the Sting bandwagon , it did not work.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    It was one of the fill-in guys at CBS ... not Bruce Roberts. Roberts actually liked soccer - I think his last interview was with Rudy Glenn right after the Soccer Bowl - then Roberts suffered a heart attack and sadly passed away.

    As for the clown at the Sun Times ... I remember his mantra that he didn't like soccer because he didn't like watching men run around in their underwear - never mind that this was during the days of the short shorts in the NBA.

  • In reply to Lewis26:

    my god US should be up 5-0 by now. they have had dozens of scoring chances

    i do like the choice of wondo for agudelo tonite tho. wondo gets open better, and has more scoring chances. agudelo is better at creating something from nothing, play him against the top teams that we have trouble scoring against.

  • In reply to Lewis26:

    dempsey just cant score tonite.

  • In reply to Lewis26:

    i see RSL and seattle have brought in some trialists to play in their reserve matches. any word on chicago looking at anyone on trial yet?

  • has Houstons brad davis ever been called up to the national team? the guy is an assist machine, would love to have this kinda player on chicago roster. and he has great delivery on corners too. i see he has made team of the week for 5th time this season

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