CJ Brown Will Have To Wait

The Chicago Fire announced today that there will no new Ring of Fire inductee this season. From the Fire’s press release: 

After consultation with the six current “Ring of Fire” members, the Chicago Fire will not induct a new member to the “Ring of Fire” in 2011. Only six former Men in Red have been bestowed the prestigious “Ring of Fire” honor to date.” 

“In addition, the “Ring of Fire” selection process now mandates that any new inductee must be a former Fire player/executive for a calendar year before induction.”  

“The “Ring of Fire” tribute began in 2003 in an effort to honor members of the Chicago Fire who have made the team a successful organization and who displayed the qualities the club embodies: leadership, dedication and integrity and in accordance with the Fire tenets of Tradition, Honor, Passion.”

The Fire’s unique Hall of Fame, the first created by a Major League Soccer club, began in 2003, when former Fire midfielder and captain Peter Nowak became the inaugural member. The Chicago Fire, in consultation with the current “Ring of Fire” members, will select the next honoree.”


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  • What about Wanchope???!

  • I'm calling bullshit. I would like to hear from current Ring of Fire members on this. Are they protesting that the Fire FO has to clear their nominees?

    These lines of the release are very telling:

    "In addition, the "Ring of Fire" selection process now mandates that any new inductee must be a former Fire player/executive for a calendar year before induction."

    "The Chicago Fire, in consultation with the current "Ring of Fire" members, will select the next honoree."

    The Ring of Fire was established to honor all member of the Fire community not just players, coaches and FO personnel. The Ring is also supposed to be independent of the Fire in that the Front Office had no say who gets selected. The selection is supposed to be entirely up to the current Ring of Fire members.

    Thank-you Fire FO for pissing away a great honor.

  • Jessica Yavitz of the charity foundation should be inducted, seriously.

    Now not so seriously, CJ Brown and Johnny Cash could not be reached for comment. Humo could not be reached for comment... Where is Humo?

    Back to seriously.... Why can't the fans get a token event to feel a little bit good about, in this season that is light on wins?

  • One has to wonder why Klopas is in the Ring of Fire.
    He was a somewhat above average player, but there have been
    more important and better players for the Fire than Klopas.
    Razov for one, 76 goals in 151 games.
    Klopas had 6 goals in 45 games, beating out Peter Lowry who had 5 goals
    in 25 games.
    I could see Klopas getting in for his contribution to Chicago soccer in total,
    but not based on his Fire record.
    To say that there are no previous Fire players deserving being in the Ring of Fire is bullshit.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    I don't think stats are the measurement for the RoF, though CJ should be in on his length of time with the club alone.

    Maybe the RoF membership really didn't come to a consensus? Either way, I don't see waiting a year as a big deal, though if CJ doesn't go in next year, heads should fly somewhere, somehow...

  • Actually, I think it was 24 games for Lowry, not 25

  • Pappa with a couple of field goals for Guatemala. Really nice ones, too. Would've been good from 50 yards out.

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