Fire 3 Earthquakes 2 (PKs) - US Open Cup

The Fire broke what seemed like a season long winless drought with a dramatic victory over the San Jose Earthquakes.  The victor was decided after an additional thirty minutes of play and six penalty kick rounds.  Daniel Paladini converted the deciding kick as Scott Sealy missed his chance for San Jose.  The victory ensured the Fire a place in the US Open Cup tournament for thirteenth fourteenth consecutive season. 

After going down 2-0 at half time the Fire clawed back to tie the match on goals from Orr Barouch and Yamith Cuesta.  Say what you will about the results but this team does continue to fight in every match.  “I feel very proud of this group because they left it all on the field. Despite being a man down a large part of the overtime, the guys showed character and courage. We were well-ordered in back and kept the result. At the end we were just trying to make it to penalties, and then the guys executed well,” said Carlos De Los Cobos after the game. 



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  • so "being well ordered in back" means the defense did a good job despite giving up 2 goals???? i thought keeping clean sheets meant that teams were well ordered in back.

  • most concerning to me is, why does the team play like shit when the game is tied or the rare times chicago is in a lead?

    seems to me like the team plays scared - like they are afraid to lose; but once they are behind they play better, because they have nothing else to lose when they are already behind, i guess they loosen up and have at it

    anyone ever figger out exactly what segares did to warrant the red card?

  • What about Johnson giving up the 2 goals? Did he have a bad game?

  • I'm officially glad I did not stay up to listen to the audio. Maybe I'm cursing the team when I watch - I don't think I saw the KC game which was the last victory before this.

    Not the way to win, but I'll take it.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    actually the previous win was vs colorado in the previous US open cup qualifyer. but yeah, its been a while

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Yeah, Anibaba's "controversial" goal - guess I saw that one. Alright, I'm no longer a curse, so that's good.

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    PMA people!

    The chain of Fire victories started yesterday. The climb up the Power Rankings continues on Saturday. A June to remember with Fire back in the playoff race, the Nats booking their trip to Brazil for the Confed Cup and Blatter pledges the 2022 WC to the States.

    I believe therefore it will come to be.

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    So coming back from 2 goals down to tie and then go down a man and then win in a shootout is not the way to win? Your glass must always be half empty.

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    I think he was referring to getting a win by not listening to the game.

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  • yeah sounds like sean johnson blew it on the 2nd goal

    wonder whether its nerves, or if he just isnt concentrating... i always got the impression with dykstra that it was nerves, because he always seemed kinda spastic and wild-eyed. Sean seems calmer in goal, but this season has made numerous mistakes

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Its probably a lack of confidence the management have in him. He only was our best player last year and what does the management do? Trade for a veteran keeper to just pile pressure on a 21 year old kid with a really bright future. National team call ups and everything looking up for him. Makes a few mistakes and is the only starter to lose his place because the team is giving up alot of goals.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:


    He's a professional. He was the #1 throughout preseason and at the start of the year and he fumbled... Conway was brought in to provide coverage in case of national team call ups, if he had poor form (which he did) or if he was injured (which he was).

    How many excuses can you make for him? He's a professional goalkeeper, if he can't handle the pressure of having a career backup back him up, a guy that's been in the league over a decade and hasn't appeared in 100 games, how he is going to improve to become the national team goalkeeper of the future?

    I'm not saying Conway's been fantastic, but Sean LOST the starting job on his own accord, it happens to almost every goalkeeper at some point.

    The excuses just sound really lame and very uninformed at this point.

  • In reply to seaside:

    It doesn't make a difference if he is a professional or not. Conway should have stayed on the bench. He should have never been brought on. He should definitely be sitting on the bench from now on. The team is not better with Conway on the field and are not worse with Johnson on the field. In that situation you should go with the future of your team in Johnson. It is now going to take around 3 games or so to get back into his form if he gets it back at all this season.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Johnson had a horrible start to the season, at fault for goals and decision making in every game...

    Conway's not been great, but to say Johnson shouldn't have sat is ludicrous. Both have earned the equal amount of points in the games they've played but Johnson had nearly a full 90 minutes with his team playing up a man and he still faltered. Oh, plus he was injured half the time... The coaching staff is going with the player they feel is in better form and of late, save the Open Cup game, it's been Conway.

    I'm interested to see who starts at the weekend, but I won't pass judgment until I see this goal that he gave up in San Jose on Tuesday, heard it was pretty bad.

    Again, if Johnson can't take competition at his spot, he's never going to improve anyway. A goalkeeper should never be infallible... I think Conway's made mistakes but has still been more solid then Johnson in the games we've seen...nothing spectacular, of course.

  • In reply to seaside:

    I'm kind of with Joe on this one. Conway's play in the last two matches shows why he's spent most of his career as a backup in MLS. While I don't think any player should have a position handed to him, if both GKs have flaws, then let they younger one play through those flaws. At the very least, Johnson has an upside that Conway does not. Conway is not going to get any better than he is right now. Johnson could get better, but won't if he sits on the bench.

  • In reply to seaside:

    Having finally seen the soft goal Johnson let in, I don't know that we'll see Johnson starting on Saturday. That was quite poor... 51 seconds in:

    I don't have a bent against Sean Johnson, but I feel people are ignoring how poor his form has been.

    I'll be eager to see who starts on Saturday.

  • In reply to seaside:

    i agree with ya on Johnsons poor form, but i think he should still start. its not like conway has been all that much better, and i think SJ needs to work thru this slump.

  • In reply to seaside:

    Agree with all that. Well said Reindependent.

  • In reply to DFBJeff:

    I think I agree with both sides here. If that's possible. Conway and SJ have both been atrotious at times this season. You can list the goals and start to cringe thinking about them. Seriously, weren't both goals against Philly stoppable? And do we ever want to go back to Portland? That was just about the the ugliest night in Fire keeping history (or at least in my viewing history). So if you had to choose between between two pretty bad performers and one having an upside and one not, then maybe you go with SJ, but there is the argument that Conway has not been as bad as SJ has been. So for me its a toss up.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    I'm with Krasov, both sides have their points. At this point, like I've stated before, I'd start playing and planning for the future, so I'd go with Sean J. I just don't see much hope for this season. That said, if DLC feels like his job is on the line and he has to win at all costs, I can see why he'd want to go with Conway as I do think he's been the better keeper thus far.

  • okay, but soccer is still a 90 minute game, or sometimes 120 minute game.

  • oh i agree, keep SJ in goal as much as possible this season now - even if his form is poor, its not like he is hurting the team any. he needs to learn to play thru these slumps anyway, i spose

  • i do find it fascinating... its like watching the final months of Nazi Germany, when defeat was inevitable, yet all the top guys like Goering, Himmler, and Bormann were all infighting for power, as if it meant anything once the war was over...

  • i find it all sad, especially intertwined with how scared federations are to push change. Not nominating people to run, because you are worried about repercussions, but saying I'm not going to vote!!

  • As I mentioned a while back, Johnson was phenominal towards the end of last season but due to retinal problem forced him to miss 3 games in October. It could be a combination of inability to read crosses or it is mental breakdowns which happens to a young goalkeeper. My comparison to Sean Johnson is Brad Guzan. Guzan went through the exact same problems while he was playing for Chivas USA and Breston Burpo was their starting goalkeeper.

  • Agreed, FIFA spews out all this stuff about fair play and doing the right thing, yet the people saying it are some of the most corrupt people you can imagine.

  • agreed. got to meet him and basically his entire family. overall the curtin's were good people to be around.

  • Bill Archer has been on Warner's butt forever. He has been skeptical of previous opportunities for his demise. So, it looks like this time the charges will stick.

  • SJ first goal looked like it mite have deflected off a defenseman as well

    second goal, SJ if keeper cant handle it, he at least has to deflect it away from the goalmouth..

  • evidence submitted to FIFA suggests Blatter "was informed of, but did not oppose, payments allegedly made to members of the Caribbean Football Union.

    so his defense is "hey he knew about the bribes" ? if thats the case, kick em both out. dumb move on bin-hammams part tho.

  • "this may be more about ridding Blatter of his opposition" - right said.

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