"Stand and Deliver" Commemorated


As an organization the Fire have taken a few lumps over the years when it comes to fan relations and the manner in which the front office has interacted with supporter’s groups.  The latest sign that those days are likely over is exemplified in this simple yet classy gesture.

The team will wear the armbands pictured above this Saturday against Sporting Kansas City in the home opener.  The armband commemorates the fourth anniversary of the “Stand and Deliver” essay written by the late Brandon Kitchens.  For those of you not familiar with it, you can read it here

A classy move by the club in recognizing the importance of supporters in Chicago. 


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  • Some background on Kitchens from Jeff Crandall......


  • that's a pretty unique move, i like it

  • Now once they let S8 be in the Ring of Fire, we'll be all set.

  • Lots of interesting topics covered at the media dinner with Hauptman tonight....more to come at the Town Hall meeting tomorrow I'm sure.

  • I wonder if they will use the words on the graphic package they use before the start of the game? i think that would be neat to, cutting the words and in and out as they do the highlight package thing they do

  • That essay gives me chills every time.

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