Fire v Sporting KC - Matchday

The Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Gibbs, Mikulic, Anibaba

M Pause, Videira, Nyarko, Pappa, Segares

F Puerari, Chaves

Bench : Conway, Robinson, Husidic, Paladini, Paul, Barouch, Oduro

Kansas City

GK Nielsen

D Lorenz, Besler, Espinoza, Myers

M Auvray, Stojcev, Arnaud

F Rocastle, Bravo, Sapong

Bench : Kronberg, Ellis, Jones, Zusi, Bunbury, Diop


Notes:  The line up lists Segares as a defender…let’s see where he lines up.

It’s pretty darned cold here.

The Team Store is pretty sweet, although I’m told it’s not finished and will have more product available for the next game. 


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  • No one can tell me this is not a winnable game. C'mon boys, bring home the three points.

  • 2-0 at the half and KC is a man down. Three points appear certain.

    Puerari is a game changer.

  • very happy with the first half. even before the red, chicago was holding their own, not being pushed around, i figgered they'd get a goal eventually

  • SKC has brought in their game changer - bunbury

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    No kidding. The dude is a holy terror. So glad he opted for the US.

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Definitely a happy locker room.....very loose and more energetic than last season's.

    Attendance was just over 12,000.

    Be back later with postgame.

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Missed most of the game, out of town and unable to find a link for the game, finally found one at, and viewed the last 24 minutes. Looked more like the Fire were playing a man down, not K.C.
    Wouldn't get over excited as yet, the Fire still has a way to go, the defense has to tighten up and the offense play a bit more possession, especially being a man up.
    Johnson has to learn more ways of distributing the ball than deep punts, giving the ball away to much
    without burning up time.
    Still glad the Fire are where they are now but still need to improve.
    The link, has decent video quality and a good site to see the Fire when tv isn't available.

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    C'mon guys! Way too much negativity here!!! Chaves scored on a well deserved PK. Puerari scored on a beautiful buildup and Pappa did a great imitation of Messi. I don't understand why the Fire back line stepped up unless they assumes that Sean had the ball -- comments GR?? The pass-back give-away was admittedly pretty bad. I didn't see who did it --Gibbs or Segares? However the Fire was like a pack of wolves pursuing the ball and they kept KC on their back heels until KC started lofting long balls. We definitely need to improve our defense against the long balls but give KC credit, even down a man they were dangerous. IMO the Fire is trying to execute a more entertaining but certainly more difficult style of play. Sure we lost the ball a few time but so did KC. This is certainly not the time to start planning for the post season but we need to realize that we do have some potentially strong scorers, our back line is new but generally holding together and our midfield is showing progress in moving and holding the ball. Let's enjoy the moment.
    BTW -- GR-- any idea who DLC will be playing on Wednesday??

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    it was segares that had the giveaway. he also got beat several times on those long balls

    i think the main complaint is that the fire were up a man and still couldnt control the game, even for a 15 minute stretch at the least

    still, i'll take it. room for improvement, but a good start to the season. remember when everyone was wondering if the fire would even be able to score goals?

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    USA 1 argentina 1. agudelo with the US goal

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    Really not seeing much, if any, "negativity" here.

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    great second half by our boys, USNT. Argentina had their first team in the whole match and had a dozen great buildups and several quality chances. The USA did very well considering, Agudelo looked good.

    The FIRE looked pretty good. Two seriously big, Conde-esque mistakes need to be rectified and never seen again this season.

    The Sega back pass/clearance? That was fugly.

    I like the two Uruguayans and Pappa, Nyarko and Videira looked good.

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    RSL is just simply the best team in MLS this year - if stay injury free (relatively) & they dont win the supporters shield i will be shocked.

    man i wish the fire looked this good

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    RSL is the goods.

  • In reply to cesba:

    yeah, beating LA 4-0 without saborio, without will johnson. LA without donovan of course.

  • Two goals surrendered against 10 men augers ILL. other than that they look good and should be well in the clear. Curious about the attendance. 10,000? hard to judge from the TV.

  • In reply to Celt:

    the defense was pretty solid for most of the game, but some of the giveaways in the defensive third were inexcusable. they need to tighten up their passing/possession and they'll be ok

    IMO segares did not have a good 2nd half

  • In reply to Celt:

    Whew. They made it way more exciting than it should have been, but I'm not going to complain about the result. Any win is a nice win.

  • In reply to Celt:

    this was ok win i think the d needs more work but good effort put in by our forwards

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