Dimitrov Released / Ristic In?

The Fire announced the release of forward Stefan Dimitrov today. 

The move opens up a roster spot for a new player addition.  My guess is that perpetual trialist Bratislav Ristic will finally be signed by the team within the next few days.  Ristic trained with the team again this past week. 


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  • Dimitrov was never a good player in the MLS and was slow for being a striker. Any word on the youth academy player they had signed? Is he practicing with the Fire? This Ristic player is on the team to fill up a roster spot; nothing special. He has scored one goal in 126 appearances and registered 19 assists in the Ukrainian Primer League in 2005-2006.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Victor Pineda is indeed training with the big team.

  • In reply to cesba:

    I assume he could be on the bench but he won't get any playing time due to the depth chart on that team but he can benefit from learning from Ljungberg, Pappa and etc.

  • No way the Fire can lose on this, although he is not a goal scorer, he is good on assists,
    In the 05/06 season (Ukrainian Premier League) he had 19 assists. Seems he would be good at keeping the ball moving forward. Don't know how this will effect Pappa who has been doing a Houdini act lately,
    Marco has to develop playing off the ball in better fashion. Ristic should fit in well with Freddie and the Fire could be able to play a more possession game which could help out the defense as well.

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    Klopas seems high on Ristic. You are correct, he is not a goal scorer....more of a playmaker type but I don't see him getting alot of playing time ahead of the guys they have now.

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    Former Fire trialist Jeremiah White lands a gig in Poland

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    He seems like the kind of player that McBride and John can benefit from. I would like to see him signed just to add some depth. A Ljungberg goal would be FANTASTIC. Castillo...come on.

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    good move. i dunno how good ristic will turn out for the fire but dimitrov was worthless when he was on the field and now the fire have too many offensive players ahead of him (esp since carr has shown he can score) and mcbride/collins john are already similar to dimitrov type of striker he was just redundant

    i figgered they were only keeping dimitrov so they had another useless player to put up for the expansion draft

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