Ghana 2 USA 1

USA’s run in the World Cup ended today with a thrilling extra time loss to Ghana.  Although it was a disappointing outcome, the Americans can hold their heads high in knowing that they  can compete at the highest level of the game on the World Stage.  Several missed opportunities and an early give away by Ricardo Clark doomed the US. 

The anti-soccer literati will write columns wondering what all the fuss was about, but truly knowledgable fans will understand that the evolution of American soccer is a process that never was going to blossom fully over a one month time period.  Rather than dwell on the loss, one must acknowledge that soccer interest in this country is at an all time high.  Despite the loss to Ghana, interest and fandom continues to grow exponentially.  The arrival of soccer as a nationally respected sport is still upon us.  Although it won’t come in terms of skyrocketing MLS attendance or increased media coverage, it will arrive in the form of new followers and athletes who are dedicated to the cause. 

The 2-1 loss still does not change the prospects of a  World Cup on American soil in 2018 or 2022.  In the meantime, continue to let the local media know that you are interested in soccer coverage.  Let them know that you support the Chicago Fire as much as you do the Cubs, Sox, Hawks, Bears, or Bulls.  Do not let them get away with publishing the certainly forthcoming pieces about the soccer buzz being over.

Let the Sun-Times know that you do not appreciate their blatant dismissal of the local team.  Let the Tribune know that just because the World Cup is over for the US it doesn’t mean that interest in soccer is over locally  Rather than complain about the lack of coverage, do something about it.  Let them know!

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  • I second guess Bradley's moves based on starting Ricardo Clark and Robbie Findley. Another issue was subbing too soon in the game and it backfired the United States by being fatigue in 30 minute extra time.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Rico Clark was very questionable.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    There were a lot of holes in Coach Bradley's backline all tournament, especially early in games. He also didn't have a consistent center midfield partner for his son (who was terrific every game). Another big target forward would have been handy to spell Altidore. (Casey? Ching? McBride?) Anyway, welcome back, Fire-- let's get on a hot streak, beginning tonight against the hated Revolution.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    wow - talk about getting screwed outta a goal - anyone watching the England-Germany game right now?

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    If FIFA had replay technology right now USA would have beat Slovenia 3-2, Algeria 2-0, and England would be tied with Germany right now.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    That was brutal.

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    In the end, it didn't matter. Germany proved themselves to be the better organized, more energetic side. For all its resources, the English Premier League just does not lend itself well to the World Cup. As detailed in "Soccernomics", the end of the Barclaycard season leaves its players either injured or completely drained.

  • In reply to iowalth:

    Soccernomics features a ton of interesting theories.

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    Everyone --- if you have the ability to go back and listen to the post game discussion following the England - Germany game, you have to do it !!! In the discussion among McMananan, Lalas, and Klinsman about the future of US Soccer, I got the distinct impression that Klinsmann would jump at the chance to take over the USMNT coaching job. He certainly said everything that a potential candidate might. If not that, maybe Gulati's position --- that might be even better.

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    Klinsmann flirted with the US before Bradley was named as coach. It would definitely not surprise me.

  • At the same time give Ghana credit for their athleticism and speed down field with Prince, Gyan and their goalkeeper Kingson.

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