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The World Cup is only 25 days away and MLS is taking a break during the first two weeks of group play.  That doesn’t mean Fire Confidential will be silent.  In addition to continued discussion of all things Fire, I’ll be watching the World Cup along with all of you.  Since we received a fairly positive response to the World Cup Bracket Pool contest…it’s on. 


Your brackets can be filled out via the ESPN World Cup Bracket Predictor and you can join the game once you’re entered into the Fire Confidential private group.  You can enter the Fire Confidential private group by requesting an entry via email at  I will send you the password to enter the group and you can begin filling out the brackets after you register your screen name and info.


The winner will receive a brand spankin’ new United States Men’s National Team kit by Nike.  The kits are actually produced entirely from recycled polyester, and each top is directly produced from up to eight plastic water bottles.  Just specify shirt size and whether home or away is preferred.    


Scoring is determined per the ESPN game rules.

  • Group Stage – 1 point per correct pick
  • Group Stage Bonus – 1 point per pick if team is in correct slot
  • Round of 16 – 2 points per correct pick
  • Round of 16 Bonus – 2 points per pick if team is in correct slot
  • Quarterfinals – 4 points per correct pick
  • Quarterfinals Bonus – 4 points per pick if team is in correct slot
  • Semifinals – 8 points per correct pick
  • Semifinals Bonus – 8 points per pick if team is in correct slot
  • Finals – 32 points for correct pick

The site will allow everyone to follow the standings live every day.


There are plenty of intriguing possible match ups after group play.  One possible scenario could see the United States matched up against Mexico in the quarterfinals.  Of course that’s assuming they can get past the likes of Argentina and Germany in the second round. 

The pairings also allow for a Brazil v Spain final, a possible Brazil v England semifinal, or even a NetherlandsBrazil quarterfinal.  How about Spain v Italy in the quarters? How about the Spaniards against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal or Didier Drogba and Ivory Coast?

June 11 can’t get here soon enough………….



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  • Sounds great, I'm in. The away jerseys are better than the home ones IMO. BTW, you know that contest you posted about last week where you sent in questions for Dan Kelly? Guess who won it? That's right, me! Two tickets! This day just keeps on getting better.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    Congratulations!!! I am proud of you. Need more Q and A from Fire fans. I am glad that die hard fans like you care about the teams insight from the a broadcasters perspective. I would love to hear from Kelly and Doran.

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