McBride on FFF


Brian McBride will be a guest on Fox Soccer Channel’s Fox Football Fone-In tonight.  The talk show airs from 6-8 pm on FSC and is hosted by Nick Webster and former Fire Eric Wynalda. 

Fire Confidential Podcast

Episode 1 features De Los Cobos’ post game comments.  I’d like to know what else you’d like to hear in the podcasts.

MLS Weekend

The Columbus Crew and Los Angeles Galaxy continued their unbeaten rolls this weekend.  Columbus won two road games while missing Guillermo Barros Schelotto for one game and Chad Marshall and Robbie Rogers for both games.  Los Angeles beat FC Dallas in Texas without Edson Buddle and Landon Donovan. 

The Crew continues to win regular season games despite injuries and international call ups.  They are just about unbeatable at home.  They are disciplined and ridiculously dangerous on set pieces, where they scored again this weekend.  Watching the Crew continually grind out results makes watching the local team even more frustrating. 

Fire Trialists

One of the trialists has apparently made an impression.


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  • After watching the UEFA Champions final between Inter and Bayern and then reading the above weekend notes a couple of thoughts regarding the Fire popped into my head. One, the Fire want to play like Barcelona (obviously not there yet) and this style is extremely demanding and is not accomplished quickly. However, I think that it's the appropriate goal and I hope that DLC sticks with it. Two, playing like Barcelona has big implications on the type of players that fit into this system. While, IMO the majority of Fire players could fit into this system, I don't believe that this style fits the strengths of McBride and John. They would both prefer the long ball out of the back. This is my "highly opinionated, largely uneducated " guess. The follow-up to this line of thinking is that we need a different type of forward, more in the line of Chris Rolfe plus Nyarko HAS to start shooting!!!. Love to hear other opinions.

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    The Fire definitely need a different type of forward/striker. McBride, John, and Dimitrov are all similar in style of play although John is more mobile. They don't have a forward who can change a game with pace or create his own chances. Nyarko fits the bill but it's apparent by his success on the wing and his "issues" finishing that he's more suited for right mid.
    Chris Rolfe was a forward? ;)

  • In reply to cesba:

    Sorry but I have a hard time thinking of wingers as true midfielders. I think of mids as ball winners and distributors.

  • In reply to cesba:

    The sound on FFF was pretty bad during the McBride interview. They needed to turn up the audio on the phone feed.

    I was a little upset that, from watching the show, you'd think the next time the Fire take the field is against a bored but fashionable AC Milan team on Sunday. Was there any mention of the FC Dallas game on Thursday? This used to be a decent rivalry with the Brimstone Cup and all. The league is so excited about the Europeans coming that they're sacrificing the ground roots aspect of the game and the importance of the league games themselves. That is until September or so when the playoff race suddenly makes the league games important.

  • In reply to oliotya:

    You're right. Playing AC Milan is nice but the Fire should be focusing on keeping FC Dallas from kicking their butts at home again. FFF was focused on the Milan game because FSC is carrying the game on Sunday night.
    To his credit, Andrew Dykstra on The Final Word Sunday night, pretty much ignored AC Milan questions by saying he was more focused on the Thursday night game.

  • In reply to oliotya:

    Doug -- thanks for mentioning the sound quality on the pod cast. I thought it was just my bad ears!! Despite that I am anxious for more such exchanges with DLC. It was nice to hear him getting upset with the teams lack of intensity. He seems awfully 'cool' on the sidelines. It was good to hear the 'FIRE" !!!

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    I think Doug was referring to the sound quality on Fox Football Fone In, but I'll see what I can do about getting better DLC audio for the next one.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Strike two for me today but thanks for the followup. The real issue was the interpreter talking over DLC or vice-versa.

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