AC Milan 1 Fire 0 and Seedorf to MLS?

The Fire’s performance was an improvement over the last few games although the match ended in a loss.  Overall fluidity and team play was better but finishing chances remains a huge problem.  It seems that the 4-5-1 formation is the team’s best shape at the moment although the second half was a bit disjointed due to substitutions. 

The second half substitutions brought Mike Banner on for Marco Pappa and Julio Martinez on for Brian McBride.  This change moved Nyarko up top as the lone forward with Martinez playing the right side. Martinez had a chance in the 55th minute after and nice build up from Nyarko, Banner, and Husidic.  Milan’s goalkeeper Dida kept the Fire off the scoreboard with a big save. 

Another sub who made an impression in a brief appearance was Corben Bone.  The rookie midfielder replaced Baggio Husidic in the 69th minute and showed that he understands how to play a ball into space to create opportunities.  I’d like to see more of Corben Bone in MLS action. 

Although this match provided some improved play the Fire still has a long way to go before they can be considered a danger to the best teams in MLS.  A more cohesive offensive display was pleasing but one must consider that AC Milan wasn’t exactly playing at top speed.  Defensively, the effort was much better in this match as well.  Milan had some occasional impressive passing sequences but not a whole lot of truly dangerous chances.  The lone goal from Clarence Seedorf was the result of a missed clearance by CJ Brown.

Seedorf to MLS?

Speaking of Clarence Seedorf, I asked him after the game if MLS was a destination he would consider.  After jokingly asking “To do what?”, Seedord replied “I have a year contract with AC Milan.  I’m a guy who likes to finish contracts.  I will be involved hopefully soon with MLS in one way or another.”

So there you have it.  We can close the book on Seedorf until July 2011, when his contract with AC Milan expires.  Seedorf would be a great addition to MLS in any capacity.  You can listen to Seedorf’s comments on the latest Fire Confidential podcast.

Misc Notes

Collins John dressed but did not play due to illness.  According to De Los Cobos, John missed training yesterday with some sort of virus.

De Los Cobos was happy with the effort and performance but acknowledged that finishing is still not good.  “Milan did not play 100% like the Champion’s League but we brought resistance to them.  It was not easy for them” said De Los Cobos after the match. 

Fire Confidential Podcast

You can listen to De Los Cobos’ post game comments, Justin Mapp, and Clarence Seedorf by clicking here




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  • Playing Justin Mapp and Marco Pappa seemed to offer some decent midfield play. I don't profess to know how it worked but it seemed to.

  • In reply to billj:

    I think that's we'll see against Philadelphia next Saturday.

  • Mapp has been our best player as of late. He looked comfortable and moved the ball well playing in the middle. He should stay there and Pappa should stay on the left to have a little more space to beat defenders. Nyarko is not a forward and needs to stay out on the right. Desan did well to contain Ronaldinho even if he didn't care about the game. He is still Ronaldinho. Milan's left back looked really good and that is what we need from Krol and our RB. Oh and Mike Banner should only play in friendlies for the rest of his Fire career.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    i agree joe, pappa definately better on the wing, he doesnt look comfortable in center and struggles in heavy traffic. mapp much better dribbling in crowds and has the speed to get thru it.

    banner looks decent enough up until he gets into the box, he then seems to completely fall apart and either give the ball away or put a weak kick far off target

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching this game even though Milan didn't play at their highest level. It was still very interesting to see how they were able to raise their speed and pressure of play ever so slightly --just enough to take the Fire off the comfortable level they had played at in the first half. Nevertheless, the Fire showed patches of creative play almost like last year.
    Individually Mapp was definitely my "man-of-the-match". I also thought that Conde played like he was "interested". Hope that he shows up similarly in the next few games. I also hope that DLC has seen enough to stop the large scale tinkering, that is, the 4-5-1 is for the moment our best formation. McBride needs to start and John needs to be relegated to the pines until15 minutes from the end and we need to start looking for his replacement. I also thought that Krol looked dangerous throughout but can't tell if that was because Milan let him look dangerous. Julio Martinez looked better than previously but the Fire needs to stabilize the starting 11 before trying to work him into the lineup again.
    One comment about the Seedorf goal. CJ definitely has to share the blame for that but---Dykstra came off his line and ended up spectating. Why was CJ alone labeled as the guilty party??

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    this game has made it clear that mcbride is fundamental to the fire's attack and that nyarko needs to stay on the right. mapp also did superb in the middle so i think he should stay there for the next few games. the fire need to get a player who can play behind the fowards and is able to hold the ball up and distribute well either out wide or to mcbride. against dallas mapp, banner and krol did well to create on the left side and serve the ball in (although pappa should be in instead of banner).

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Mapp has been their best player lately and he is one of the players that has to step up with this team struggling. I want to see more of Corben Bone in the lineup. He showed signs that he can contribute in the MLS and start for the Fire; he reminds me of a Steve Ralston type player. At first, I was not a Clarence Seedorf fan but not only his performance with against the Fire and his contributions to AC Milan won me over. I would not mind Seedorf wearing a Fire uniform as long as he stays healthy and hopefully nothing bad happens to Seedorf (like Beckham torn Achilles from a month ago). Ballack coming to the MLS is a pipedream and I would love to see the list of available DP's that would come to play in America.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    WALDORF: They aren

  • In reply to Janjo:

    I don't think anybody is reserving hotel rooms in Toronto just yet.

  • In reply to Janjo:

    "Were do we come off saying they are playing well when AC Milan is dominating them on 2 cylinders...They should of been throwing them across the pitch like a Flyer at the United Center"

    Are you suggesting we should have played all dirty and MLS-style in a friendly with invited guests?

    You don't play rough in friendlies because you don't want to get injured or be that jerk that injures another player.

    Secondly, when we played our A-team (in the first half) we didn't look 1/2 bad. I think you can chalk this up to the aforementioned points about it being less violent than MLS, which plays to our strengths. Cheers to the convoluted post, though. Enjoy sitting on your couch.

  • In reply to RadioGonzo:

    Firstl Radio Gonzo,
    I do apologize for my late response; I am guilty of not looking at the boards in a couple of days from my laptop. I hate writing on my iphone at times. Okay, here I go (taking a deep breath)

    The MLS is not a "Dirty" playing league, we are a tough playing league as like the EPL. Now are you suggesting that the EPL is "Dirty"? because then you are opening a can of expired worms I would not like to smell.

    RG- your claiming that a friendly are not to be played roughly. Well try to explain that to our buddy Woolard when he got a nice set of spike prints on his upper leg, from our beloved Ever ton game. He was nearly out the entire season. Where you there? I sure as heck was; eating my "super nachos" and enjoying my Stella beer.

    When we played our A-team we didn't look half bad?? We looked All bad. RG-Stop drinking the Toyota Park water. It is okay to object to things once in a while. It seems that our contemporary norms are "if you can't say anything positive then don't say anything at all" what a load of fried rotten bologna. That is what has gotten us in this mess in the first place in our Society; both personal and public. Speak up! Throw a raspberry once in a while; It's good for the soul. Anger is a gift.

    Nothing but love, Go Fire..

  • In reply to Janjo:

    I doubt that he didnt sweat on it. It was kinda warm at the game. You can't tell me that Seedorf wasn't trying, or Antonini was bombing up and down the sidelines because he didnt care. Sure they might not have given 100% but it wasnt less than 90%. Thats why they play in the Serie A and we play in MLS. Its a good thing that we are playing all these friendlies. This gives DLC more meaningless games to figure out his lineups. Hopefully he has recognized that a 4-5-1 with Mapp in the middle is when we played the best and looked the most dangerous. He now knows that Mike Banner is this years Austin Washington.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Correct on all points, except Banner is better than Austin Washington.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    I always thought Mapp belonged centrally. It's why i never thought him and Blanco worked because they always took the same space.

    I liked Krol, Husidic, Nyrako, Mcbride, Mapp
    I really didn't like Martinez , I think he always looks slow and off the pace. He hasn't impressed me since coming over. Nyrako needs to stay on the wing. If McBride comes out and John can't play it needs to be Dimitrov and if he can't handle the job release him and sign someone else

    Umanzor looked better at LW then he ever did at LB.

  • In reply to lijien:

    Tone -- liked your comment on Mapp and Blanco. Makes sense.

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