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As I’m sure many of you know, yesterday’s post was a bit controversial. I attempted to take a creative look at the CBA and the writing came across a bit poor to some of you — while others seemed to like it.

While I’m happy that the piece provoked such strong reactions from some of you, I wanted to say that I didn’t write the piece simply to get people fired up. Rather, I had been looking to write a more creative piece for a long time and thought that the CBA provided me with a good outlet for that. However, the execution of my idea wasn’t the greatest. I was irresponsible in citing sources and I embarrassed myself with a particular error in word choice. But I learn with every piece I write and next time I choose to pen a “creative” article (which hopefully won’t be too far off…), I’ll be more selective, more thoughtful and more adept to ensure that I improve upon yesterday’s entry.

So, with all of that said, I’m going back to an old-reliable “Links” style post to start the day. The news (along with my personal take on each subject…) is after the jump.
Former Houston Dynamo midfielder Stuart Holden [agreed yesterday to join Bolton FC of the English Premier League]( Holden, 24, signed with Bolton through the end of the season. Holden, who became a regular member of the U.S. National Team’s gameday roster in the past year, joins Ricardo Clark — [who is on loan with German club Eintracht Frankfurt]( — as former Dynamo midfielders to leave Houston for Europe this offseason.

Holden leaving MLS for the richer, higher quality pastures of the EPL puts the Fire in a better position for next year. Holden was without a doubt one of the elite playmakers in the league and his departure — assuming he doesn’t come back to the States when the deal expires in May — should make it all that much easier for the Fire to get past Houston when the two teams square off.

In more news with U.S. National Team implications, forward Charlie Davies — he of the horrific car accident — is making [remarkable strides in rehabilitation and could be playing competitive matches as soon as April](


Obviously, this is great news for both Davies and the American National team. His rapid recovery from a broken right femur and tibia, a broken left elbow, facial fractures and a lacerated bladder has come at an astounding pace — despite the original prognosis that he could be out for up to a year, Davies has started jogging in just over three months — and is truly remarkable.

In some sad news, [Club America and Paraguay National Team forward Salvador Cabanas was shot in the head early Monday morning at a Mexico City bar](,0,2783594.story).


The 29-year-old Cabanas, who led Paraguay with six goals in qualifying for the 2010 World Cup, underwent 7 hours of surgery today and is currently listed in critical but stable condition. Doctors were unable to remove the bullet from the back of his head.

“We would do more damage if we tried to extract it,” Dr. Ernesto Martinez, who operated on Cabanas, said. “We cannot assure you that he is out of danger. He is young and healthy. That helps.”


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  • The regulars at the blog enjoyed your story. Don't let some newbies get you down. Great news about Charlie. Now, a few other miracles required: 1. Dempsey's ACL is magically repaired. 2. Onyewu's knee also magically repaired. 3. Fernando Torres becomes a US citizen. 4. We win the World Cup!

  • It's a blog; don't let anonymous faces get under your skin so easily. People who get that upset about your writing or style of it clearly have their priorities all screwed up.

    Looks at the utter crap Ives puts in his blog . . . it's the frigg'n internet so go for it!

  • The next time some know-nothing, knuckle-dragging mouth breather makes some comment about soccer players not being as tough as players in "real" sports, I hope someone sends them the link to Ives' amazing story about CD.

  • Links again? I like creative writing better. Shows what you REALLY feel, and this is YOUR blog man :) Go for it.

  • Ditto. Don't back down, bro. If they don't like it, then they don't need to read your work.

  • In reply to Graeme:

    Thanks for the support guys. I want you all to know that today's links post wasn't me backing down, just me wanting to provide an update on the litany of news that came out yesterday.

  • In reply to Graeme:

    My two favortie soccer blogs, this and the Shin Guardian, are preferred to Ives, ESPN soccernet, etc., because they aren't so boring. Ives can turn a great story into a dull one because of hardly any opinionation. Do some more of those, they're very entertaining.

  • In reply to Graeme:

    I dont mind when you write your opinion. Yesterday was kinda confusing. Maybe just keep writing as yourself and not as other people. But I agree with everyone else when they say write your opinion.

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